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Dio is a non-player character in the Final Fantasy VII series. He has a minor supporting role in Final Fantasy VII, with an expanded role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and is mentioned in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. Dio is the charismatic owner of the Gold Saucer, famous for his brawny physique and handlebar mustache.

Dio actively participates in his amusement park, keeping a busy schedule and entertaining the masses with his showmanship. He once traveled the world collecting rarities and writing diaries about combat and gambling. He assisted Cloud Strife's party as they pursued Sephiroth, notably informing them about the Black Materia, gifting them a Buggy, and giving them the Keystone.


Before Final Fantasy VII[]

Dio’s personal history is a mystery, but his life was seemingly fraught with trials and tribulations.[1] He traveled around the world, collecting rare items and writing a diary about his days of intense fighting, though it was interpreted as funny by some.[2] His adventures took him to Kalm and Midgar, and he noted the latter had lots of monsters.[3] Dio was rumored to be close with the owner of the Gold Saucer's online shop, Lord Duo.[2]

At some point, Dio became the owner of the Gold Saucer. Many of his collected rarities were put on display in the park's museum, including the Keystone he bought off a weapons seller.[4]

Original continuity[]


Dio's gold statue at the peak of the Gold Saucer.

Dio introduced himself to an unamused Cloud in "Sanctuary of Amusement", called him "boy", asked if he was having fun, and if he knew about the Black Materia. He told Cloud about the materia and compared him to a tattooed man in black who was of a similar age and looking for it. Cloud inquired about his location, but Dio was unsure and suggested he visit the Battle Square to see his displayed collections, laughingly thinking he would like it. Dio later accused Cloud's party of Dyne's massacre, arresting and exiling them to Corel Prison.[4]

Dio eventually pardoned the party in "The Desert Prison", wrote a congratulatory letter to Cloud for his chocobo race victory, gifted them a buggy delivered as recompense, and apologized for not personally presenting it to them due to his busy schedule. He additionally wrote about recently meeting Sephiroth, suggested Cloud get an autograph, and relayed he was headed south toward Gongaga.[5]

Cloud returned to the Gold Saucer in "Secret Date" and asked Dio to borrow the Keystone in order to access the Temple of the Ancients. He hesitated to yield it, but was willing to give it to Cloud if he entertained him in the battle arena. Dio praised Cloud's skills afterward and gave him the Keystone as promised.[6] After Sephiroth summoned Meteor in "Turmoil", Dio debated closing the Gold Saucer but decided against it, concluding he wanted people to enjoy themselves during such a bleak time.[7]

Remake continuity[]

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Dio's photograph displayed in the Battle Square.

Dio is a large man with a muscular figure. He has tan skin, brown eyes, slicked dark brown hair, a handlebar mustache, and prominent body hair. He wears little clothing, going barefoot and wearing only a red and gold speedo in Final Fantasy VII, and black exercise shorts, a red and gold cape, and black wrestling boots with red laces in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.


Dio is lively and warmhearted,[1] often laughing and wanting people to enjoy themselves.[4][7] He has a playful attitude and unabashed confidence, apparent by his appearance and showmanship. Despite portraying himself as a celebrity and rewarding people with his autograph, he is self-deprecating.[4][1] Dio is honorable and true to his word, dealing strictly with any who cause disorder in his park,[1] and giving recompense when making mistakes.[4][5][6]

Dio is adventurous, likes collecting rarities from around the world, and showing them to others.[8] He is enthusiastic about combat, wrote a diary about his days of fighting, and established a battle arena in the park to sate his love of heated battles.[4][6][2] Dio seems fond of Cloud, attending to him and the party courteously despite his ties to the Shinra Electric Power Company,[1] playfully calling him "boy" or "young man",[4][6] and praising his combat skills.[6]



Dio is Italian for "God".




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