Entrance to Dime Tower.

Dime Tower (ダイムの塔, Daimu no Tou?), also called Tower of Dime, is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Adventure. This dungeon has Damage floor and pitfalls. Stone tablets around its rooms reveal the story of the Tree of Mana and the fall of the Vandole Empire.

Story[edit | edit source]

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The Tower was built by the Vandole Empire in the Crystal Desert and it was sunk in the sand. Marcie was stranded there for fifty years, looking for relics.

After Sumo unleashes the mystic power of the rusty sword within the Cave of Ruins, Dime Tower emerges somewhere in the Desert and Sumo goes to look for it. He comes across a tower that emerges from the desert sand. Upon entering, Sumo encounters Marcie who introduces itself to him and tells him that its searching for relics. Dr. Bowow made him and left it inside the tower, and waited for 50 years, but was forgotten. Marcie offers to help Sumo, and joins him.

When they reach top of the tower, they face off against Garuda. After its defeat, the tower starts to tremble. Marcie tells Sumo that the tower lost its balance and they must hurry off the tower before it falls. They take the pathway heading west while the path before their exit falls below. Marcie convinces Sumo to let him throw him to safety by saying he will jump afterwards. Marcie throws Sumo on the ledge, he urges Marcie to jump. It replies that Sumo has to save the world and he's the only hope left. Marcie admits he cannot jump and says he must stay with the tower because it was created to work in the tower and its there that it will sleep. The tower starts to fall with Marcie still on the tower while Sumo can't do nothing more then watch it falling down.

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