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DigiCube Co., Ltd. (株式会社デジキューブ, Kabushiki-gaisha Dejikyūbu?) were a subsidiary of Square used to publish books, music, and other merchandise. They also acted as a distributor of other non-game related media. After merging with Enix (also a publisher of books with Gangan Comics), Square Enix shut DigiCube down later that year. Square Enix's current works are now published under "Square Enix" (see Square Enix Music and Square Enix Magazine & Book).

Prior to DigiCube, Square Enix had their guide books handled by other companies such as NTT Publishing and Famitsu.



A series edited by Studio BentStuff, DigiCube published the first 12 volumes before going bust. Square Enix re-published them all (except the superceded Kingdom Hearts Ultimania) and continued publishing more.

Post Card Books[]

The Post Card Book series started as a DigiCube series but continued to be published by Square Enix.

Seal Book[]

Title Release ISBN
Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Seal Book Anytime with Chocobo March 1, 1999 ISBN 978-4-9250-7539-8
Final Fantasy VIII Seal Book June 11, 1999 ISBN 978-4-9250-7543-5

Character Card Book[]

Title Release ISBN
Final Fantasy Tactics Character Card Book Volume 1 June 6, 1997 ISBN 978-4-9250-7505-3
Final Fantasy Tactics Character Card Book Volume 2 December 30, 1999 ISBN 978-4-9250-7511-4

Best Selection Series[]

Are two-issue volume was made for the first six games (the only released at the time). In 2002, these issues were revised, and a second volume covering the four games released since the first was released.

Title Release ISBN
Final Fantasy Complete Works I through VI Jō January 31, 1997 ISBN 978-4-9250-7500-8
Final Fantasy Complete Works I through VI Ge April 1, 1997 ISBN 978-4-9250-7501-5
Final Fantasy Complete Works Vol.1 I through VI Revised Edition Jōkan June 27, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8878-7044-4
Final Fantasy Complete Works Vol.1 I through VI Revised Edition Gekan June 27, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8878-7045-1
Final Fantasy Complete Works Vol.2 VII through X October 18, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8878-7057-4

Visual Arts Collection[]

Title Release ISBN
Final Fantasy IX Visual Arts Collection September 29, 2000 ISBN 978-4-9250-7582-4
Final Fantasy X Visual Arts Collection September 7, 2001 ISBN 978-4-8878-7007-9
Final Fantasy X-2 Visual Arts Collection May 29, 2003 ISBN 978-4-8878-7128-1

Memorial Album[]

Title Release ISBN
Final Fantasy VII International Memorial Album October 29, 1997 ISBN 978-4-9250-7515-2
Final Fantasy VIII Memorial Album "Wish you were here." September 1, 1999 ISBN 978-4-9250-7552-7
Final Fantasy VII International Memorial Album [revision] February 28, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8878-7029-1
Final Fantasy X Memorial Album "This is a tale for you." February 28, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8878-7028-4
Final Fantasy IX Memorial Album "Journey to the truth." August 2, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8878-7048-2

Guide Book Series[]

Title Release ISBN
Final Fantasy VII Guide Book January 31, 1997 Promo
Final Fantasy IV Guide Book March 21, 1997 ISBN 978-4-9250-7504-6
Final Fantasy Tactics Guide Book June 13, 1997 ISBN 978-4-9250-7507-7
Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon Guide Book December 17, 1997 ISBN 978-4-9250-7518-3
Final Fantasy V Guide Book March 19, 1998 ISBN 978-4-9250-7524-4

Square Official[]

Square Official (スクウェア公式, Sukuwea Kōshiki?) series of PlayStation guides produced for Square games.

Title Release ISBN
Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Bōken Suki no Kōryakuhon December 23, 1998 ISBN 978-4-9250-7535-0
Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Dungeon Master no Sho February 1, 1999 ISBN 978-4-9250-7537-4
Final Fantasy VIII Saisoku Kōryakuhon for beginners February 10, 1999 ISBN 978-4-9250-7542-8
Chocobo Racing Full Throttle Kōryakuhon March 18, 1999 ISBN 978-4-9250-7544-2
Final Fantasy Collection Gensō Sekai no Kōryakuhon June 10, 1999 ISBN 978-4-9250-7545-9
Chocobo Stallion Saisoku Kōryakuhon for beginners December 1, 1999 ISBN 978-4-9250-7568-8
Chocobo Collection Minna no Triple Kōryakuhon December 22, 1999 ISBN 978-4-9250-7569-5
Vagrant Story Kōryakuhon for beginners February 10, 2000 ISBN 978-4-9250-7574-9
Final Fantasy X Kōryakuhon for beginners July 19, 2001 ISBN 978-4-8878-7000-0
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Kōryakuhon for beginners February 14, 2003 ISBN 978-4-8878-7099-4
Final Fantasy X-2 Kōryakuhon for beginners March 13, 2003 ISBN 978-4-8878-7100-7

WonderSwan Guidebook Series[]

Title Release ISBN
Hataraku Chocobo Pioneer's Guide December 1, 2000 ISBN 978-4-9250-7583-1
Final Fantasy Traveler's Guide December 22, 2000 ISBN 978-4-9250-7585-5
Final Fantasy IV Master's Guide March 26, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8878-7033-8
Final Fantasy II Dramatic Complete Guide May 2, 2002 ISBN 978-4-9250-7599-2

Vana'diel World Report[]

The Vana'diel World Report books are a series of guide books that increased in size alongside patch milestones. The series continued following DigiCube's collapse.


Title Release ISBN
Final Fantasy: Unlimited After ~Gaikai no Shō~ May 16, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8878-7035-2


Title Release ISBN
Final Fantasy VIII Papercraft Book Kami de Tsukuru Guardian Force November 1, 1999 ISBN 978-4-9250-7559-6
Final Fantasy de Asonde Mimasen Ka? Final Fantasy A Go Go! July 31, 2000 ISBN 978-4-9250-7581-7
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within The Future Science September 1, 2001 ISBN 978-4-8878-7006-2
Super Visual Impact September 1, 2001 ISBN 978-4-8878-7012-3
The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy September 14, 2001 ISBN 978-4-9250-7589-3
Making of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within October 1, 2001 ISBN 978-4-8878-7014-7
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within The Limited Collection The Premium Disc February 22, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8878-7023-9
Final Fantasy XI Starting Guide & Comic Brave New World May 17, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8878-7038-3
Final Fantasy Final Issue October 31, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8878-7064-2
Final Fantasy II Final Issue October 31, 2002 ISBN 978-4-8878-7065-9
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Gurimor The Investigated Guidebook March 28, 2003 ISBN 978-4-8878-7121-2
Final Fantasy X-2 Kōshiki Settei Shiryōshū "The Sphere with Materials" March 29, 2003 ISBN 978-4-8878-7122-9
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Multiplayer Navigator ~Minna de Asobō FFCC~ September 19, 2003 ISBN 978-4-8878-7139-7