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Dice is Cait Sith's level 1 Limit in Final Fantasy VII, available to him by default. It is a non-elemental physical attack against a single opponent, in which Cait Sith deals a random amount of damage to an opponent based on the outcome of the dice thrown. Cait Sith starts with two dice, but for every 10 levels he gains past 20, an additional die is added, up to six dice at level 60.

Unlike most characters, Cait Sith does not gain another Limit Break by using Dice repeatedly. Instead, he unlocks his second level Limit Break, Slots, by killing 40 enemies.


Dice deals random damage in the following formula:

where "X" is the sum of the dice, and "Y" is the sum of the highest repeat of a number.

With two die thrown, the lowest amount of damage dealt is 300: if one die lands on 1 and another on 2, the sum would be 3, the highest repeat is 1 (there are no repeated numbers), giving a total of 300 when all multiplied together. The highest amount of damage dealt would be 2,400: if two die land on 6, the sum would be 12, the highest repeat would be 2 (there are two 6s), and multiplied together would make 2,400.

The possible damage outputs at each level are as follows:

Number of die Minimum Maximum Average
(Level 1–29)
300 2,400 816.67
(Level 30–39)
600 5,400 1,545.83
(Level 40–49)
1,000 9,600 2,553.70
(Level 50–59)
1,500 9,999 3,743.31
(Level 60–99)
2,100 9,999 5025.76

The attack has an accuracy of 255%, meaning it cannot miss.


Dice deals random damage that scales based on Cait Sith's level, but not based on any of his stats, and cannot miss. As such, it remains useful throughout the game, as well as any low level challenge runs, and can be a powerful attack. The damage dealt means Cait Sith can safely build towards spellcasting and magic damage at no cost to his Limit Break. Although the damage is unaffected by Cait Sith's stats, it is affected by those of the enemy, and an enemy with higher physical defense will be more resistant to it.

Dice's scaling with Cait Sith's level, being independent of his stats, and it being a level 1 Limit Break that can charge quickly, can make it a useful ability. Though the damage is inconsistent, the ability is still fairly reliable in its effect, compared to Slots, which can have a variety of outcomes. The main drawback with Dice, other than its randomness, is that it only hits a single enemy and it can be very lacking compared to the powerful effects that come with Slots.

While many players may opt to use Dice on Cait Sith for reliable if inconsistent damage, it is possible to manipulate Slots to reliably lead to some extremely powerful effects in battle. As such, those who manipulate Slots will prefer to use it on Cait Sith in comparison to Dice.

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