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Diamond Weapon uses Foot Stamp in Final Fantasy VII.

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Diamond Weapon (ダイヤウェポン, Daiya Wepon?) is a Weapon-type enemy that first appeared as a boss in Final Fantasy VII. It is one of the many Weapons created by the Planet of Final Fantasy VII as its "defense mechanism". It is gray with a large red gem in its chest that emits light. Diamond Weapon is roughly humanoid in appearance, with a distinct pair of feet, hands, shoulders, and a torso and head. It has a covering over the back of its legs similar to a cloak or cape. It can open up the armoring on its shoulder panels to fire powerful energy projectiles that have incredible range.


Final Fantasy VII[]

Model on world map.

Like the optional Weapon encounters, Diamond Weapon is fought by engaging it on the world map. Unlike the other Weapons, fighting Diamond Weapon is mandatory in all but the original Japanese version, where Diamond Weapon cannot be fought and its spoil, a weapon for Yuffie, is thus also dummied. If the player triggers the Diamond Weapon glitch by saving the game on the world map when the battle is to begin, they ruin that save file.

Diamond Weapon is immune to physical attacks until it opens up its armor if hit with a certain number of summons or Limit Breaks. At this point, it will use Countdown. Unless killed in three rounds, it will use the Diamond Flash to hit all party members for 7/8 of their current HP and inflict the Silence status, reverting its immunity to physical attacks. During the countdown, it is immune to magical attacks and only uses its laser ray. Once Diamond Weapon's HP has dropped below 50%, the party will need to use three Limit Breaks/Summons, not two, to trigger the countdown again.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has a side-quest called "Corneo's Secret Stash", where Cloud and his party are tasked with finding Don Corneo treasury. One of them is the "Diamond Tiara", which is shaped after the Diamond Weapon.

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Diamond Weapon is one of the Weapons the Planet released in response to Sephiroth summoning Meteor. It rises out of the ocean and charges toward Midgar, prompting Cloud's party to pursue it. Once the party defeats the Diamond Weapon it is still approaching Midgar. Once within range, it opens fire on the Shinra Building, nearly killing Rufus Shinra. Shinra fires the Sister Ray, a powerful Mako cannon, which pierces Diamond Weapon and destroys the barrier Sephiroth erected over the North Crater.

In the scenes where Diamond Weapon attacks Midgar it is shown to be dusk, but when the energy blasts destroy Shinra Headquarters, it is shown to be nighttime.

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Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Diamond Weapon.

The Diamond Weapon is a Garlean warmachina as part of the "Sorrow of Werlyt" questline of the Shadowbringers expansion. It is one of the latest in a series of such machina reverse engineered from the Ultima Weapon by the VIIth Imperial Legion under the command of Valens van Varro.

As with the previous Weapons in the series, the Diamond Weapon bears an Oversoul system that overrides the pilot's mind with that of an imperial legatus to improve their combat capabilities, in this case the legatus program used being based on Zenos yae Galvus, though the act invariably kills the pilot. Varro considers it the program's masterpiece and the Weapon was originally intended to be piloted by Allie before her brother Alfonse arranged for her escape. With Allie's escape and the destruction of the other Weapons in the program, an enraged Varro tortured Alfonse and arranged for him to be the new pilot of the Diamond Weapon.

A test run of the Diamond Weapon's Oversoul system revealed that Zenos's combat data was more akin to a "ravenous beast" than an "obedient servant" that Valens hoped for. Valens decided to use a living mind instead of a digital copy of combat data, with arrangements being made to make Alfonse the Weapon's core as part of the "Overmind" system. When Allie returned to Valens following her escape with the data from previous weapons, she is made the new pilot, with Alfonse still serving as the core.

As Allie pilots the Weapon, she betrays Valens by attacking the castrum, which Valens had expected. Even when the shutdown sequence is started, the Weapon initiates Overmind and ignores the shutdown, instead firing at Valens and escaping the castrum. The Warrior of Light and Gaius Baelsar subdue the warmachina and bring it to the ground, where Valens reveals to the latter that Alfonse is a living mind for the Weapon. Valens is defeated, and the reactivated Diamond Weapon crushes him while under control by Alfonse's will.

Alfonse requests that Gaius removes the core and gives the memories contained within to Allie. The weapon is deactivated, ending the threat of the Weapons.

Final Fantasy XV[]

Diamond Weapon in Kingsglaive.

Diamond Weapon is a colossal magitek monster created by Verstael Besithia. It appears in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie, and is mentioned in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto. It is based on the Diamond Weapon boss from Final Fantasy VII. Diamond Weapon is a magitek armor powered by magitek cores deployed to terrorize Lucis at the behest of Niflheim.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

Theatrhythm CC Diamond WEAPON.png

This great beast of legend is one of five Weapons born of the Planet to protect it when Sephiroth calls on Meteor's power. But which will be destroyed first: the Weapon, Meteor, or the world itself?

Diamond Weapon's CollectaCard

Diamond Weapon appears as an enemy.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

Diamond Weapon appears as an enemy in Battle Music Sequences.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

FFAB Diamond Weapon.png

Diamond Weapon appears as an enemy during an event called "Shattered World". Its attack is Midgarbreak in a reference to its attack on Midgar.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Diamond Weapon FFVII.png
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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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Diamond Weapon appears as figurines in the Final Fantasy Creatures Vol 3 series that came out in 2003. The Final Fantasy Creatures collection figurines require minimal assembly and there are three types of every character: full-color, crystal, and chrome. In North America the Final Fantasy Creatures figurines did not require assembly and had a completely different package with multiple creatures per pack.



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