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Dia III is an Enfeebling White Magic spell from Final Fantasy XI. It is the third and final tier of Dia spells for players.


Dia III can be learned by Red Mages at level 75. Its scroll can be bought from Hasim in Lower Jeuno. In addition, it can also be obtained from other players via the Auction House or Bazaars.


Dia III lowers an enemy's Defense and also deals gradual Light-elemental damage. It uses 45 MP to cast, takes 2 seconds to cast, and 7 seconds for subsequent casting. The spells duration and potency can be increased by Merit Points and Job Points.

Like other Dia spells, it overwrites all other Bio and Dia spells that players can cast.

Trust party members such as Koru-Moru and the King of Hearts can use Dia III once the player is above level 75.

Behind the scenes[]

When originally introduced to the game, Dia III could only be learned by Red Mages level 75 and higher by spending 3 Merit Points to purchase it from the merit menu. Following the June 2019 patch update, Dia III was changed to become a purchasable spell in Lower Jueno.