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Dia is a recurring status effect in the Final Fantasy series, often inflicted by the ability of the same name, that deals damage over time.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Dia reduces Defense by a percentage and deals light elemental damage every tick that it is active. Though it is usually caused by the spell of the same name, it can also be applied as a side effect of certain NPC abilities.

Players may not inflict Dia and the dark-aligned Bio on a target at the same time. Bio's presence prevents the application of Dia unless the latter is a higher rank. Casting Dia III will remove Bio II and apply a Dia status effect, for example, but Dia II would fail under the same circumstances. Monsters do not abide by this convention, however, and may sometimes afflict players with simultaneous Bio and Dia effects.

Periodic damage dealt by Dia status will awaken sleeping characters. Although the initial damage of the spell's application can be resisted, the status effect itself cannot be avoided unless the victim has complete magic immunity. In addition to being canceled by a higher-ranking Bio, Dia status can be removed by Erase, Benediction, Healing Waltz, or Afflatus Misery-enhanced Esuna. The healing properties of a Mog House are also sufficient to dispel the affliction.

Dia status effect
Source Defense*(Defense reduction) Damage*(Damage per tick)
Dia 5.27% 1
Diaga 5.27% 1
Aetheral Toxin 5.27% 1
Dia II 10.35% 2
Diaga II*(Not available to players.) 10.35% 2
Lamentation 10.35% 2
Dia III 15.23% 3
Diaga III*(Not available to players.) 15.23% 3
Erosion Dust 15.23% 11
Reverie Frolic ? ?

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Dia status icon.

The Dia status is inflicted by the White Mage White Mage spell Dia Dia, causing unaspected damage over time.