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The Dhanusha is a bow in Final Fantasy XII. It is an upgraded version of the Sagittarius introduced in the Zodiac versions. It is the 2nd most powerful bow, topped only by the Seitengrat. Its license costs 200 LP and it can be used by the Archer.


Dhanusha is made at the bazaar by selling three Beastlord Horns and Moon Rings and four Sagittarius Gems. It costs 100,000 gil. Beastlord Horns are obtained from Humbabas that carry a sword, as well as stolen from Catoblepas, Fenrir, and Humbaba Mistant. Moon Rings are obtained from Ash Wyrms. Sagittarius Gems are obtained from some flan-type enemies, like Foobar and Hecteyes.



In Hindu astrology, Dhanuṣa stands for the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

It is called Sagittarius A in the Japanese version, with all the letters at the ends of the newly added upgraded weapons spelling out "FINAL FANTASY".