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Dhalmel is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

Dhalmels are long-necked beasts found almost exclusively on the continent of Mindartia. Towering over nearly all other wildlife there, these mammals live a slow and peaceful life. Because they are fairly gentle (unless threatened) dhalmels have been domesticated, much like the sheep. Due to Mindartia's dry and rugged canyon terrain where a majority of dhalmels are found, they are colored much like the rock around them, a subtle tan with insets of white, mostly on their belly. When forced into combat they use their height to their advantage, rising up and delivering painful stomp attacks and swinging their head like a wrecking ball on their long flexible neck. Dhalmels have been known to go berserk and are even more troublesome due to their ability to heal themselves using the wind. It has also been observed that dhalmels display some sort of herd society, as they will come to the aide of one of their own under attack.

While they can be found in the wild and in captivity, the bounty of the dhalmels is in their meat, hides, and bones. Although far from the quality of other meats, a good dhalmel steak will satisfy even the hungriest adventurer, though some find it rather gamy. The hide is stiff and durable, which makes it a good inner lining for certain medium to heavy armor sets. Probably the most useful of the three major items are its bones. Strong and sturdy, they can be carved into a plethora of items; from instruments to body armor to weapons, they are a common but much needed material for bonecrafters.

Special abilities[]