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For Dexterity, see Speed (stat)

A character's dextrality, also known as handedness or rarely laterality, refers to the concept of hand dominance, i.e. a character's preferred hand when holding an object or wielding a weapon. Several early Final Fantasy series titles make use of this attribute to enhance stats. Other titles do not apply this attribute openly, but document it in apocryphal material.

Games can still have characters explicitly as right- or left-handed even without a dextrality system, such as Sephiroth being left-handed in Final Fantasy VII.

Other games' equipment systems have the player equip both hands, but the characters themselves do not have hand dominance and there is only one way to equip the hands.


Final Fantasy IIEdit

All characters can equip weapons in both hands regardless of dextrality, but any weapon equipped in the off-hand only applies half of the character's Strength stat in calculations. Bows are treated as two-handed weapons. If no shield is equipped, the weapon operates as if held with both hands, which grants a small boost to Attack. Leon, Leila, and Scott are the only lefties.

Final Fantasy IV seriesEdit

In the 2D versions of Final Fantasy IV and The After Years, the characters only equip weapons in the main hand and shields in the off-hand, so dextrality is mostly cosmetic (ambidextrous characters aside). The exception are bows in Final Fantasy IV—the correct way to equip them is to place arrows in the main hand and bow in the off-hand, as equipping in reverse cuts attack power by 20%.

Kain, Dark Kain, Palom, and Golbez are left-handed. Edge, Yang, Ursula, and Tsukinowa are ambidextrous.


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