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Soul Crush ability.

These abilities allow the RAPTOR to channel her energy through her blade to strike down her foes.


Devastation is a skillset of the Raptor class in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

List of abilities[]

Skill Equipment Range AP MP
Power Crush Samson Sword Weapon range 250
Strike target with a crushing attack. Deals damage and lowers DEFENSE.
Mind Crush Falchion Weapon range 250
Send target reeling with a powerful blow. Deals damage and lowers RESISTANCE.
Speed Crush Predator Weapon range 350
A quick, low strike. Deals damage and lowers SPEED.
Soul Crush Rhomphaia Weapon range 350
A brutal attack that punishes body and mind. Deals damage and depletes MP.
Cyclone El-Cid 4 300 16
Consume your foes in a gale of howling wind. Deals wind damage to units in a small area.
Bulwark Vajra Self 300
Protect the user from all damage until its next turn.
Shield Bash Beastsword 1 400
Strike target with the user's shield. DISABLES and knocks the target back. Requires: Shield
Whirlwind Claymore 4 300 8
Slice target with scything gusts of magickal wind. Deals wind damage to one unit and CONFUSES target.