Deus Ex, officially the Deus Ex Universe and commonly abbreviated DX by fans, is a hybrid action RPG series published by Square Enix. Launched in the year 2000 by Eidos (now Square Enix Europe), Deus Ex is set in a dystopian cyberpunk Earth of the near future with various factions fighting for control of the world at large.

As conceived by Warren Specter, formerly of Eidos studio Ion Storm, series gameplay combines elements of many genres, ultimately relying on the player's decisions to determine the course of the main story.

To date, the series comprises four main titles and four spinoff games, in addition to several comic books and novels.

Connections to Final FantasyEdit

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Deus ex machina is a Latin phrase translating as "god out of the machine." It refers to a convention in Ancient Greek plays where an actor playing a god would rise onto the stage on a lift or be lowered from a crane, and would resolve the plot in a favorable manner. "Deus ex machina" thus refers to an sudden and/or improbable character or event occurring near the climax to resolve the plot.

In modern usage, machina may be omitted as implied.

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