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As guardian of this altar, I take it upon myself to judge your worthiness.


Deumion is a non-playable character in the 20th Anniversary edition of Final Fantasy II. He is an amazingly powerful wizard with the ability to summon holy creatures, and was chosen to be the guardian of the ultimate magic, Destroy. His status as guardian keeps him eternally young.

He appears in the Arcane Labyrinth sidequest as the guardian of the Arcane Sanctuary. He will give the party their ultimate weapons after Phrekyos is defeated. He will reward the party with the Revive spell if he is given the Light of Hope after prompting him with the Key Term "Hope." Fighting him acquires the Destroy spell if the party wishes for destruction. His story is told in four related levels of the Arcane Labyrinth stemming from the Jade Passage keyword: Oblivion, Hope, Destruction, and Guardian. His story is implied to have taken place far before the actual events of the game.


It is said that far in the distant past, there was an age when all were capable of wielding magic. And a rich civilization was built upon man's ability to cast spells at will. However, since magic was available to everyone... There were endless battles waged by those lacking good conscience. The skirmishes eventually grew into wars, causing much suffering and leading to the creation of powerful spells. Though perhaps mankind was not fit to possess power greater than his natural abilities. As the wars grew violent to the brink of annihilation, those who dreaded the fate of the world took action - they sealed away peace and magic. The seal was created by a boy born with phenomenal magic power. The powerful spells born of the wars would be forgotten over time. Subsequently, the magic abilities of people were to be sealed. And so society would come to be built on entrusting magic solely to the ethical.

Tale at the Chronicles floor of the Arcane Labyrinth


Deumion is a man draped in flowing white and blue fabrics in numerous layers that billow around him. He has long blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue bandanna and his cape is secured with a brooch that has silver wings and an aquamarine gem. He has arm and leg guards and wields a wooden staff. He wears a belt with a large blue buckle around his waist.


Deumion is a pacifist who avoids killing, shown when he merely knocks the soldiers unconscious if the player examines them. If the player says "Destruction" to him, Deumion will battle them. If the party defeats Phrekyos, he sees them as worthy and gives them an ultimate weapon, depending on the words they used at the Arcane Labyrinth.

Key Terms[]


Perseria under attack by enemy forces.

The player starts in an ancient village called Perseria. When the player attempts to move, a soldier appears and states that the enemy forces have begun their attack on the village. The skies turn red, and the villagers scramble. The player can talk to a woman who says she has lost her son, who has platinum blond hair and a blue bandanna. There are many children fitting this description, and if the player locates the correct child, the mother collects him, revealing his name to be Deumion. As the player tries to move again, he returns and thanks them, telling them to hold onto their Hope, the next Key Term in the sequence.


Deumion faces the enemy soldiers.

This level is set in a cave guarded by soldiers that differ from the ones present in the last level. The player is cornered by these troops and saved by a man with platinum blond hair and a blue bandanna wearing a cape: an older Deumion. He uses magic on the soldiers, who collapse. He tells the party that he would rather not use his gift for Destruction. If the soldiers Deumion attacked are examined, it is found they are merely unconscious, showing Deumion's unwillingness to kill.


The King sends his guards to seek Deumion.

The party starts off in a castle. Following the available path leads to a throne room with a king and many robed people. If all these people are talked to, it is revealed that they are in a war time counsel to find a way to achieve peace with their enemy. More exploration leads to a mage claiming to be close to making the ultimate magic. He asks the party to bring him the three colors of magicite so he can finish his experiment.

If the player brings him the three magicite, the mage will combine them into the Destruction magic and tell Firion to alert the king, who responds to the news with reluctance, as his kingdom has just reached a peace agreement with its enemies. He decides to ensure this new power is not used for evil, to be sealed away by powerful magic. The elders disagree, saying that the seal required would be too powerful, halting time itself, and it would require someone with great power to serve as its Guardian to keep the magic safe as a last defense.

The point is brought up that anyone who had such power is now dead. One elder remembers a boy in his village who has such power, and can even summon holy beasts: Deumion. The king commands that his guards go and find Deumion while the elders prepare the seal.


The King's soldiers reach Perseria.

This level takes place back in Perseria. At first, all ways leading away from the starting point are blocked by soldiers. Two particular soldiers stand at the southern point. A boy next to the player says that they are here to find Deumion and take him away. He tells the player that if they want to say goodbye, they should do so before Deumion is captured. This stage is exceptionally hard to complete, as it requires moving to the right locations to beat the guards to Deumion.

If done correctly, the player will witness a scene between him and his mother inside of Deumion's house, which is located in the southwestern corner of the town. Upon leaving, the guards enter and take Deumion away. If the level was done correctly, a glittering object can be found on the path by which the soldiers lead Deumion out: the Light of Hope, an item necessary for obtaining the Restore magic.

After the events it is assumed that Deumion was taken to the Arcane Sanctuary and turned into the seal. He remained within the Sanctuary for a countless period of time, not aging due the seal's effect, and serving his purpose as its guardian. When the player meets Deumion they have the option of fighting him, and if victorious, Deumion will crawl after the player as they approach the Destroy tome in the room behind him, collapsing and dying.


Deumion can be fought right after Phrekyos in the Arcane Sanctuary, if the player asks him about Destruction. Defeating him will give the party access to the ultimate magic, but will also prevent them from obtaining any other reward from Deumion.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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It is possible his name comes from "Damyan" (Bulgarian) and "Damon" (Greek), both meaning "to tame." The name "Damion" is used in the English language as a variant of "Damien" or "Damian," which also means "to tame." Should this be the origin of Deumion's name, it could allude to him being a summoner and thus "taming" creatures. In the Omen series of films, Damien was the son of Satan, making it possible that it refers to the Emperor getting his powers from Satan (according to the novelization.)