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Detect is a Skill in Final Fantasy IX used by Zidane, which shows what items the enemy has for stealing, from rarest to the most common.


Detect can be learned for 40 AP from the Mage Masher and Orichalcon. Mage Masher can be stolen off the Masked Man at the very start of the game, and is also found in the Ice Cavern and bought from shops later. Orichalcon, meanwhile, is Zidane's best dagger and available late into the game.


Detect shows what items the enemy has for Steal, listed from the rarest to the most common. It never fails to work.

When Zidane has Detect available, he can also use Tidal Flame while in Trance.


Detect can be used to check if stealing from an enemy is worth it. The downside is that the same person who has Steal, also has Detect, meaning Zidane will have to use up one of his turns for checking, missing out on a steal attempt on at least that turn. It could be used to check what the rare item the enemy holds is, to decide whether it is worth continuing with steal attempts, as trying to get the rarest item off a boss is often cumbersome.


  1. (みやぶる, Miyaburu?) is the Japanese verb to "reveal", "uncover", or to "find out".