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Destroy the Machine Lifeform is a raid event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and collaboration with NieR: Automata. The players face Engels. Both in the Japanese and global versions, it has had a rerun, but in the latter version, it was updated with a companion challenge event, The Formidable Engels.


As a raid event, the player must face a single boss, Engels, in combat. The player's goal is to damage Engels and be rewarded based on their performance. The greater the damage, the greater the score. Defeating the boss is not mandatory but provides maximum benefits. The player is given points based on how much damage is inflicted (overkill damage does not factor) and awarded with Engels Raid Coin Engels Raid Coins equal to 10% of their score. These coins can be used to perform Raid Summon on a special own banner to obtain prizes ranging from materials, Metal Cactuars, Gil Snappers, Magicites to specific Trust Moogles.

Damage inflicted to the boss subtracts from the boss' global HP, which numbers in the billions. Once the meter reaches 0, the Boss' level increases, which provides a higher raid coin bonus upon clearing a stage. (A greater Level does not increase the boss' strength.) Since it increases the amount of coins awarded per battle, players are encouraged to defeat the boss repeatedly; otherwise the boss' level can decrease when the timer reaches 0 and the global HP bar hasn't been depleted.

Engels is not necessarily difficult but, for weaker teams, damage mitigation and ATK breaks are needed to succeed. Engels' arsenal will debilitate the party continuously, and uses many attacks that damage the whole party. As such, a cover tank (i.e. Warrior of Light or Veritas of the Earth) is greatly recommended to contain the damage. Since Engels has no elemental affinities, the player has ample room for attackers, but as it has lower DEF than SPR, physical attackers will be more useful than mages and hybrid damagers. As a Machina monster, he takes greater damage from Machine Killer and similar abilities, making Olive, Aileen, A2 or 2B all good choices.

Featured units[]

The event featured limited-time Rare Summon units, which were available during the event's period only: 2B, 9S, 21O, and the global-exclusive A2 and Eve (who were released in the Japanese version in the rerun, though with quite different skill sets). Adam was available through the Raid Summon banner. The units are overall very decent on their own and possess good Trust Master rewards, which coupled with the specific Trust Moogles from Raid Summon made them easy to farm. In particular, the unit 9S was highly sought by players as his Pod 153 provides powerful abilities to any unit when equipped.


Additional rewards are also earned through points. The event features a list of individual rewards which are achieved after reaching a certain threshold of points, furthermore the more points the player has, the better they are placed in the Rankings where they are given rewards according to their tier.

In the rerun, once the 4 million pts mark is reached, an individual reward of 5,000 raid coins will be awarded for every 250,000 pts accumulated thereafter, up to the 10 million pts mark.

Individual rewards
Reward Points
Mega Ether x10 600 pts
Y-Potion x10 800 pts
Recipe for Cruel Oath 1,500 pts
Recipe for Iron Will 2,300 pts
Engels Raid Coin x500 3,800 pts
Rare Summon Ticket x1 5,300 pts
Star Quartz x5 7,100 pts
Recipe for Heavy Armor: B 12,600 pts
Phoenix Down x5 18,900 pts
Engels Raid Coin x500 21,300 pts
Recipe for Dragoon Lance 28,000 pts
Fairies' Writ x10 38,000 pts
Sacred Crystal x20 48,000 pts
Engels Raid Coin x500 52,800 pts
Recipe for Type-3 Fists 58,000 pts
Rainbow Bloom x10 68,000 pts
1★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) 78,000 pts
Recipe for Ancient Overlord 91,000 pts
Calamity Gem x10 104,000 pts
Rare Summon Ticket x1 126,000 pts
Engels Raid Coin x1000 133,200 pts
Recipe for Emil's Head 150,000 pts
1★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) 180,000 pts
Prismatic Horn x10 220,000 pts
Adam 270,000 pts
4★+ Guaranteed Ticket x1 300,000 pts
Calamity Writ x10 340,000 pts
Divine Crystal x10 390,000 pts
1★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) 440,000 pts
Holy Crystal x20 490,000 pts
Engels Raid Coin x2000 504,400 pts
Mini Tough Pot 545,000 pts
Mini Magi Pot 600,000 pts
1★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) 655,000 pts
Mini Power Pot 720,000 pts
Engels Raid Coin x4000 736,800 pts
Mini Shield Pot 765,000 pts
1★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) 820,000 pts
Mini Smart Pot 875,000 pts
Rare Summon Ticket x1 950,000 pts
Mini Soul Pot 1,025,000 pts
Mini Burst Pot 1,100,000 pts
4★ Trust Moogle (5% ALL) 1,175,000 pts
Individual rewards
Reward Points
Tough Pot 1,250,000 pts
Magi Pot 1,325,000 pts
Power Pot 1,400,000 pts
Shield Pot 1,475,000 pts
Smart Pot 1,560,000 pts
Soul Pot 1,645,000 pts
Burst Pot 1,730,000 pts
5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) 1,815,000 pts
Black Box 1,900,000 pts
King Tough Pot x1 2,150,000 pts
King Magi Pot x1 2,400,000 pts
King Power Pot x1 2,650,000 pts
King Shield Pot x1 2,900,000 pts
King Smart Pot x1 3,150,000 pts
King Soul Pot x1 3,400,000 pts
King Burst Pot x1 3,750,000 pts

Ranking rewards
Rank Reward
1 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x4, Rare Summon Ticket x10
2 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x3, Rare Summon Ticket x9
3 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x3, Rare Summon Ticket x8
4 - 10 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x2, Rare Summon Ticket x8
11 - 50 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x2, Rare Summon Ticket x7
51 - 100 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x2, Rare Summon Ticket x6
101 - 500 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x6
501 - 1,000 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x5
1,001 - 5,000 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x4
5,001 - 10,000 4★ Trust Moogle (ALL 5%) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x4
10,001 - 30,000 4★ Trust Moogle (ALL 5%) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x3
30,001 - 50,000 1★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x3
50,001 - 70,000 1★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x2
70,001 - 100,000 Rare Summon Ticket x1
100,001 - 150,000 Lapis x200
150,001+ Lapis x100
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Raid Summon[]

Within the event period, players could summon various limited-time units and rewards by using raid coins. Each summon cost 100 FFBE Engels Raid Coin.png. A batch summon up to 100 summons at once cost 10,000 FFBE Engels Raid Coin.png.

  • 3★ Trust Moogle (5%) (Mechanical Heart)
  • 3★ King Gil Snapper
  • 4★ Gil Snapper Family
  • 3★ Metal Gigantuar
  • 4★ King Metal Minituar
  • Broken Circuit
  • Black Pearl
  • Rusted Lump
  • Titanium Alloy
  • Meteor Light
  • Magicite (all types)
  • Megacites (all types)


Recipes and crafting materials will come from both the individual rewards and from raid summoning. Players can only craft one Cruel Oath (or two if present for both the original run and the rerun), due to the limited material obtained as a completion reward.

Item Type Requirements
Cruel Oath Katana
Iron Will Greatsword
Heavy Armor: B Heavy armor
Dragoon Lance Spear
Type-3 Fists Fist
Ancient Overlord Sword
Emil's Head Helm


Musical themes[]

"Bipolar Nightmare"

The raid's boss theme is the vocal version of "Bipolar Nightmare", composed by Keiichi Okabe, which is the battle theme used for most boss fights in NieR:Automata. It is the thirteenth track in disc three of the NieR:Automata Original Soundtrack.

The piece flows from continuous drums and an all-staccato orchestra backing a frantic choir singing only clipped notes, to a mournful melody that ascends and falls undercut by a piano playing eighth notes with ever-increasing energy.