Destiny Points are the points used to move around the board in Dissidia Final Fantasy. When a character is first generated onto the board, they are assigned a fixed number of Destiny Points to complete the board with. Every time the character moves to a new square, they will use up a Destiny Point. When the board is completed, the player is given an additional 10 points to their score for every Destiny Point they had left over. However, if the player uses up all their points, they will go into the negatives and upon completing the board they will lose 10 points for each additional move they made. Points can be added by beating specific enemies on the map.

Bonuses are also awarded depending on how many points were used to complete the board. Better prizes are awarded for fewer moves and thus using less points.

DP Chance Edit

DP Chances are the ability to gain additional Destiny Points by performing a certain action in battle. Not all enemies have a DP Chance, however. Enemies with a DP Chance will have the requirements listed in their infobox when faced on the board. They will also be notified by a small exclamation point in Scan Mode.

Generally, only one DP will be gained per DP chance. A "Victory" DP Chance against a stronger enemy can sometimes grant 2 or 3 Destiny Points, though.

List of DP Chances Edit

  • Flawless Victory: Win battle without taking damage.
  • No HP Damage: Win battle without losing HP.
  • 10 Second Victory: Win battle within ten seconds.
  • 20 Second Victory: Win battle within twenty seconds.
  • Victory: Win battle.
  • 10 Second Break: Break opponent's bravery within ten seconds.
  • 20 Second Break: Break opponent's bravery within twenty seconds.
  • 10 Second Wall Rush: Perform a Wall Rush within ten seconds.
  • 10 Second Critical: Perform a Critical Hit within ten seconds.
  • EX Core Keep Away: Opponent cannot obtain any EX Cores
  • 10 Second EX Burst: Perform an EX Burst within ten seconds.

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