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Calls upon the power of the desert to attack enemies and cast Hastega on allies.


Desert Lullaby, also known as Desert Aria,[1][2] is a Dance option for Mog in Final Fantasy VI. It grants the abilities Sandstorm, Antlion, Wind Slash, and Meerkat. These abilities mostly focus on wind-elemental damage, but has the chance to grant the haste status to all allies.


Desert Lullaby is learned by battling in deserts on the world map with Mog in the party.

Gogo can also use any Dance that Mog has learned by equipping Dance in Gogo's ability menu.


Name Description Chance Image
Sandstorm Deals wind-elemental damage to all opponents. Its spell power is 45 and its Hit Rate is 100, ignores split damage. 7 in 16 Sandstorm Dance from FFVI Pixel Remaster.jpg
Antlion Kills one opponent. Its Hit Rate is 100 and will fail on targets immune to death. 6 in 16 Antlion from FFVI Pixel Remaster.jpg
Wind Slash Deals wind-elemental damage to all opponents. Its spell power is 48, it is unblockable and it ignores split damage. 2 in 16 Wind Slash.
Casts haste on all allies. 1 in 16 Meercat from FFVI Pixel Remaster.jpg


Desert Lullaby is a potentially strong but unreliable Dance option. Though Meerkat's ability to grant haste to all allies (doubling their ATB gauge speed, and thus their speed in battle) is extremely beneficial, it also only has a 1/16 chance of applying. Another way to get the same effect is with Hastega. Most of the time, Desert Lullaby will inflict wind-elemental damage, and its Antlion attack attempts to inflict death, which can be useful when it works, but will fail on enemies that are immune. This makes Desert Lullaby dangerous to use against bosses, where haste would be the most useful due to the battles lasting longest. As such, Desert Lullaby can typically be ignored in favor of more reliable choices.

As with Dance in general, using it will make Mog uncontrollable for the rest of the fight. As such, players should be certain that they will only want Mog for these abilities for the rest of the battle, and should be prepared for a degree of randomness. Because Dance's damage is magic based, if players wish to use Mog this way, leveling him up with magicite that boosts his Magic stat is ideal; alternatively, players may prefer to use Dragoon Boots and rely on his physical damage from spears, meaning Strength should be used instead.