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"Descendant of Shinobi" from Final Fantasy VII

"Descendant of Shinobi" (忍びの末裔, Shinobi no Matsuei?) is the theme of Yuffie Kisaragi in Final Fantasy VII, composed and arranged by Nobuo Uematsu.

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy VII[]

"Descendant of Shinobi" plays upon first meeting up with Yuffie after battling the Mystery Ninja, as well as in many other scenes involving her.

"Descendant of Shinobi" also plays in an old Squaresoft promotional disc in the menu where the player can select to play various demos, including the one for Final Fantasy VII.

"Descendant of Shinobi" is track 4 of disc 3 on the Final Fantasy VII: Original Soundtrack. It was later remastered and released as track 48 on the Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack Revival Disc.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

A slightly jazzier version of "Descendant of Shinobi" is available for playing on the game's jukeboxes as track 23. It is found in the Sector 5 Slums train station, near to where the player meets Johnny in Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope" (though it can be acquired earlier). There is a man wearing a white hat who gives it near to where the disc plays. "Descendant of Shinobi (Jukebox Ver.)" was arranged by Miki Fujimoto and is track 8 of disc 8 on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, during Episode INTERmission, "Descendant of Shinobi" continues to be Yuffie's main theme, which plays at the start of Chapter 1, "Wutai's Finest". The four-note motif of Wutai's theme also plays during some parts of this song. In addition, an arrangement of this theme, called "Descendant of Shinobi - Battle Edit", plays during battles at the start of Chapter 1, as well some fights in the Shinra Combat Simulator. Both arrangements were arranged by Shotaro Shima and are tracks 2 and 3 of disc 1 on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Original Soundtrack. The leitmotif of "Descendant of Shinobi" also plays through the game in various other themes.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth[]

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Yuffie sings to the tune of "Descendant of Shinobi" in Gongaga:

Verse 1
I am so, so bored, bored right out of my brain.
If I don't die first, betcha I'll go insane!
'Cause I've got nothing else to do...
I'm stuck here, wasting time.
But, just wait... Oh, materia!
I'll get back on the road and make you mine...
Verse 2
I'll search high and low 'til I gather 'em all!
I'll have orbs piled up 'bout a billion feet tall!
I'll have so much materia,
I won't know what to do.
But until I can make you mine,
I'll just patiently wait and dream of you!

If you tell Yuffie that it's a funny song and ask if she wrote it herself, she'll say she's a top-tier lyricist and ask you to hear another one of her songs. If you ask her for an encore, she will sing the second verse. If you ask Yuffie to quiet down, she'll send out a "singing police" and say she'll stop only to bribe you for materia.

Arrangement album appearances[]

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VII[]

A piano arrangement of the theme by Shirō Hamaguchi and performed by Seiji Honda is included on this album.

Final Fantasy Song Book "Mahoroba"[]

A vocal arrangement of the theme by Yuji Hasegawa is included on this album, called "Ameagari, Sanpomichi" (雨上がり、散歩道?, A Walk After the Rain). The lyrics were written by Manami Kiyota who also performed the vocals.


Ame ga agatta asa ni wa
Sukoshi dake hayaoki shite
Shizuku ga kirameku kono michi o
Kimi ni misetakute mukae ni yuku
Sukoshi nemusou na kimi to
Arukihajimeta sakamichi
Me ga au to sugu ni shita muite
Dou shite ii no ka wakarazu ni damaru
Hajimatta bakari no
Watashitachi no koi wa
Madamada kakko warukute
Hito ni hanasenai
Sukoshi fukurettsura no
Watashi ni kizuite ka
Kimi ga sashidashita migite
Nigiri arukidasu
Futari no hohaba ga awazu
Tama ni oitsukenaku naru
Mada katta bakari no kutsu da kara
Ashi ni awanakute nigawarai
Mizutamari ni utsuru sora
Watagumo ga kiete yuku ne
Konna odayaka na hirusagari
Kimi to deawanakya shiranakatta
Tsunaida kimi no te ga
Totemo atatakakute
Zutto hanashitakunakute
Sukoshi toomawari
Tokubetsu na kotoba wa
Mada hitsuyou ja nai
Ima wa tonari de hohoemu
Kimi ga ireba ii
Unofficial English translation
Mornings after the rain
I wake up a little early
This town glitters with raindrops
I set out, wanting to show it to you
I set out walking on the hill
With you, looking a little sleepy
Our eyes meet and we look down
Not knowing what to do, we stay quiet
It had just begun
This love of ours
Still a little embarrassing
Nothing to tell anyone about
Did you happen to notice me
Pouting a little?
I take the right hand you offer
And walk on
Our footsteps are out of sync
Sometimes I can't keep up
It's these brand-new shoes
They don't fit me right, and I smile wryly
The sky reflected in a puddle
The cottony clouds are fading away
I'd never have known such quiet mid-afternoons
If I hadn't met you
I'm sure of it
The hand I held
Was so warm
And not wanting to talk at all
I kind of took the long way
We still don't need
Special words
Right now it's good enough
To have you smiling beside me
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BRA★BRA Final Fantasy VII Brass de Bravo[]

"Descendant of Shinobi" was arranged by Rika Ishige and recorded for the album, conducted by Hirofumi Kurita and performed by the Siena Wind Orchestra.

Radiant Melodies - Final Fantasy VII[]

"Descendant of Shinobi - Radiant Melodies ver." was arranged by Masashi Kimura and is track 8 on the album.

Live performances[]

BRA★BRA Final Fantasy VII Brass de Bravo with Siena Wind Orchestra[]

"Descendant of Shinobi" was performed during the concert tour in 2018, conducted by Hirofumi Kurita and performed by the Siena Wind Orchestra. The live recording from the 2018.5.12 Tokyo Bunka Kaikan performance was released on the concert Blu-ray.

Compilation album appearances[]

Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Tracks[]

The theme has been released on "the best of" type album, Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Tracks.

Final Fantasy VII Compilation Vinyl[]

"Descendant of Shinobi" is track 1 of side B on the album.