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The Dendrobium is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is a somewhat rare spawn in the Bresha Ruins -005 AF-; it is the first Saboteur the player can tame. It may take some time to acquire it on the first time through the ruins. With limited access to the third and fourth grade monster materials it requires, and no particular need for a Saboteur until Yomi, the player may prefer to use their Mana Orbs and Essences for a Ravager and/or Synergist instead.


Paradigm Pack[]

The Dendrobium is a Saboteur; its skillset allows Dendrobium to inflict Fog (at level 39; requires grade 3 monster materials) and Pain (at level 56; requires level 4 materials), which neither Serah nor Noel can do. It is the best source of the role ability Poison for infusion, as it has it at level 1. Expensive though it may be, it is also the best source of Pain. However, it is a much more expensive infusion source of Painga than Pantopoda (except perhaps if the player is also infusing Pain), and it is harder to find.

Like the other Stalker type Saboteurs—Barbed Specter, Clematis and Necrosis—Dendrobium has the Biohazard Injection Feral Link, which casts Poison on the target (and is therefore quite useful for bosses, including Yomi). It has higher HP than Black Chocobo, but is still fourth in HP, behind Samovira, Necrosis and Deathgaze. Dendrobium is specialized in Magic, and benefits well from leveling with Mana monster materials.

It requires 25 Grade one Biological (Droplet) monster materials to get to level 15; 42 grade two (Slivers) to reach level 30; 32 Grade three (Orb) to advance to level 45; 76 grade four Essences to level 70, and 76 grade five Crystals to its maximum level of 99. It has largely consistent stat growth.

Monster stats[]


Ability Level Type Infuse
Poison Initial Command Y
Resist Fog: +10% 6 Passive Y
Wound 9 Command Y
Resist Imperil: +10% 15 Passive Y
Dispel 24 Command Y
Imperil 28 Command Y
Resist Fog: +44% 30 Passive Y
Resist Imperil: +44% 36 Passive Y
Fog 39 Command Y
Chain Bonus Boost 54 Passive Y
Pain 56 Command Y
Resist Fog: +66% 66 Passive Y
Resist Imperil: +66% 67 Passive Y
Poisonga 80 Command Y
Painga 90 Command Y


  • Green – HP
  • Red – Strength
  • Purple – Magic


Dendrobium is a genus of Orchids, found throughout tropical Asia and Oceania. They are much loved by horticulturalists for their bright colors and pleasing form.

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