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The Dendrobium is a flying enemy from Final Fantasy IX. It can be found in the Evil Forest.


Formations Edit

Enemies Frequency AP
Dendrobium 100% 2

AI script Edit

Function Dendrobium_Init
   set attacklist = [ Wind ; Pollen ]

Function Dendrobium_ATB
   set selectedattack = RandomAttack( attacklist )
   if ( selectedattack == Wind )
      set SV_Target = RandomInTeam(SV_PlayerTeam)
   elseif ( selectedattack == Pollen )
      set SV_Target = SV_PlayerTeam
   if ( selectedattack == Pollen )
      if ( !useonlywind )
         set useonlywind = TRUE
         set SV_Target = RandomInTeam(SV_PlayerTeam)
         Attack( Wind )
      if ( #SV_PlayerTeam == 1 )
         set SV_Target = SV_PlayerTeam
         set selectedattack = Pollen
   Attack( selectedattack )

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Dendrobium FFIX
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Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

Dendrobium is a genus of Orchids, found throughout tropical Asia and Oceania. They are much loved by horticulturalists for their bright colors and pleasing form.

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