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Demoldoa is an antagonist in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and a member of the Orders, ranking fifth in the organization's hierarchy. He debuts in the Visectrum chapter.



Demoldoa is a large, towering man encased in a full suit of blueish armor, which is uneven with the right side (horn included) being bulkier. In combat he wields a massive sledgehammer.


Demoldoa is a no-nonsense individual and a seasoned warrior who believes in strength above all. He takes his duties seriously and participates in the Aldore Order tournament to demonstrate the might of Aldore to everyone who may believe in opposing them. Cruelly pragmatic, he does not hesitate killing fellow participants, excusing himself that such occurrences are normal.

Despite his external cruelty, Demoldoa does exhibit traits of a fair combatant, as he gives his opponents the chance to prove themselves and uses his authority to prevent Lasswell's party from facing disqualification due to an unfortunate incident. Demoldoa wants to crush the rebels on a befitting stage, but also admires how they proved their strength and thus considers they deserve to pass.


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The Aldore Order tournament selects the Alpha Star of the Orders once a decade with the intention of destroying any rebels opposing Aldore. Demoldoa is recognized by the Magus Sisters who had studied the competition. Lasswell's party passes the initial stages but only one slot is left open. Demoldoa kills Pris and Atole, fellow competitors Lasswell had befriended, thus securing Lasswell's party a spot. Rain confronts him but Demoldoa dismisses it as deaths being common during the tournament.

During the next round, to weed out more participants, each group defeats five other opponents. Demoldoa encounters the Magus Sisters, pleased he can pass by securing three points at once. The sisters launch Delta Attack on him, pushing him back, albeit unscathed. He demands that they use whatever trick they have left, only for them to bluff. Seeing they have nothing more to show Demoldoa tries to kill them, but is repelled by Lasswell. Demoldoa leaves amused that there is strong competition after all.

While reaching the next checkpoint, Lasswell's group is short of a point. Sol assaults the guard in charge of the checkpoint, claiming it as the "fifth opponent" they needed to pass. While this would be cause of disqualification, Demoldoa uses his authority to allow them to pass as they are strong and he wants to crush them where everyone can see.

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