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Magic to reduce one enemy's HP by 1/4


Demi is an attack magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII. It is a Gravity-based spell which, when cast, decreases a single opponent's HP by 1/4 of its current HP and is quite useful on many powerful enemies.


Demi is drawn from opponents and draw points and refined from items with Diablos's Time Mag-RF, namely the Steel Orb and Black Hole; the player can easily procure the latter by playing Triple Triad from Gesper cards and amass this spell early. The player can also get one Demi spell from Zell's "love quest" if they give Beef & Pink as the answers to a "survey" held by girls at the library, and later return for the results.



Demi decreases a single target's HP by 1/4 of its current HP, capped at 9999. This makes it very effective against enemies with high HP, such as the Tonberry, when cast. It is also very effective to draw-cast Demi against any enemies from which Demi can be drawn, such as Malboro and Diablos. As Demi always does damage based on the target's HP, it is effective regardless of the caster's Magic stat.

It is cast as a spell in the Magic command, Selphie's Slot Limit Break, or Rinoa's Angel Wing if she has it in her inventory. As Angel Wing makes spells do five times the damage, Demi has the potential to defeat an enemy as it deals damage equal to 1.25 times the opponent's current HP, though capped at 9999. This makes it very useful in Rinoa's inventory.

Casting Demi in battle increases compatibility with Diablos by 2, and is one of the few spells that doesn't lower compatibility with any Guardian Force when cast.

When junctioned, Demi can provide among the highest stat boosts to HP, Strength, and Magic. However, it is outclassed by higher-level spells later on.

Demi is used against the player by Diablos, Esthar Soldier (Terminator), Funguar, Gargantua, Lefty, Paratrooper, Ruby Dragon, Torama. It can be reflected, but is not especially dangerous on its own as it cannot kill; it can even be beneficial in putting the player party in the HP range of using Limit Breaks.

If the player uses Demi against Diablos, he responds by curing the caster.