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Delubrum Reginae is a large-scale duty in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, released in patch 5.45. Part of the Save the Queen Save the Queen storyline, it is a variation on open dungeons and has no role restrictions, and once inside players can freely leave and join parties as they choose. 24 players can challenge the normal mode, and it is the first such duty to feature a higher difficulty Savage mode, which can be challenged by 48 players.

Unlike prior open dungeons, Delubrum Reginae is not contained within a larger open-world instance, and once unlocked can be queued for freely, though it uses the same Resistance Rank and lost actions system as The Bozjan Southern Front The Bozjan Southern Front.


Misija has retreated into the heart of the Bozjan ruins─Delubrum Reginae. Once a shrine to Queen Gunnhildr, brimming with light and life, its halls now play host to creatures of the dark, warded by foul traps and snares. And it is there, with Save the Queen in hand, that Misija would see her plans to fruition. Now it falls to you to brave its depths and at last put an end to her misbegotten schemes.

Duty description

Thanks to a vision of the future, Mikoto and the Warrior of Light are able to track down Misija, who has taken a detatchment of soldiers within the ruins of the Last Trace. However, this is revealed to be a trap, thanks to Misija's Resonant abilities, and she leaves the Resistance group to fight against IVth legion soldiers while taking her tempered Blades deeper within. Mikoto and the Warrior are able to break free from the struggle, and pursue her.

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  • Clear the Theater of One
  • Clear the Hall of Supplication
  • Clear the Hall of Hieromancy
  • Clear Pride of the Lion
  • Clear the Vault of Singing Crystal
  • Clear Queensheart


At the beginning of the raid, players will have the chance to organise their available lost actions via the cache. Parties can be disbanded and formed while inside the duty. When ready, players can take the glowing platform to the Theatre of One.

The Theater of One[]

The first encounter is against the Trinity Seeker.

  • Verdant Tempest - Raidwide Damage
  • Verdant Path - Grants the boss a buff that changes their current weapon and set of mechanics. The boss will cycle between katana, greatsword, and fist weapons.
  • Katana Techniques:
    • Act of Mercy - Cross AoE that will be used after changing to katanas.
    • Mercy Fourfold - Charges the four katanas up in a random order. Each katana will do a 180 degree cleave of the arena centred on their direction.
    • Seasons of Mercy - Causes to two sets of criss-cross AoEs to appear one after the other. Alongside these is an orb that will cast a gaze-based attack and an expanding flower AoE.
  • Greatsword Techniques:
    • Baleful Swathe - 180 degree cleaves on the flanks that leave a column through the boss unscathed, used after changing to greatswords.
    • Phantom Edge - Grants the boss a buff that changes the effect of the next Baleful Blade.
    • Baleful Blade - A roomwide AoE that can be blocked by hiding behind one of the barriers in the arena. If under the effect of Phantom Edge, the AoE will instead knock back players from the centre of the arena. In subsequent Greatsword phases, players will be paired with burning chains that can be broken by distance while either variation of this attack is being cast.
  • Fist Techniques:
    • Iron Impact - Line stack AoE
    • Iron Splitter - Boss will teleport to one of the rings of the arena. At the end of the cast all rings of the same colour will deal damage to players standing on them. Typically used twice for boths ring colours.
    • Dead Iron - targeted conal AoEs at marked players.

Suspended Approach[]

In this section, there are a few hidden traps on the path. In normal mode, the traps will either be bomb AoEs or inflict a dangerous poison debuff on affected players. Traps can be detected with the use of Lost Perception Lost Perception.

The Hall of Supplication[]

Entering the hall of Supplication, players will engage the miniboss Dahu.

  • Left/Right Shockwave - Medium-sized semi-circle AoE covering one flank of the boss. Will be used twice in succession alternating sides. The second use wil have a shortened castbar.
  • Feral Howl - Raidwide damage and a knock back from the boss, pushing players to the edge of the arena.
  • Firebreathe - A large conal AoE in front of the boss that can cover the arena. Can either be a single cast or used multiple times in succession in a rotating pattern.
  • Dash - the boss will charge to an edge of the arena, before charging to another spot on the edge. Typically followed with a single Firebreathe.

Alongside the boss's own mechanics, Marchosias mobs will spawn around the edge of the arena, firing line AoEs and charging point-blank AoEs, the latter will be paired with Feral Howl. Random rocks from the ceiling will also fall down to deal damage to players.

The Hall of Hieromancy[]

The players will engage all four bosses at once, however once one reaches around 85% health, they will all teleport away before challenging the raid one by one.

Queen's Knight[]

  • Rapid Sever - Tankbuster
  • Blood and Bone - Raidwide Damage
  • Shield/Sword Omen - grants a buff that changes the effect of the next Optimal Play.
  • Optimal Play - While under the effect of Shield Omen, this attack will be a large donut AoE. Under Sword Omen, it will be a point-blank AOE

Queen's Soldier[]

  • Rapid Sever - Tankbuster
  • Blood and Bone - Raidwide Damage
  • Double Gambit - Summons four clones around the arena.
  • Secrets Revealed - Tethers to two of the clones. All four clones will show large AoE indicators, however only the tethered clones will deal damage. On subsequent uses, the clones will jump around the arena before casting the AoEs.

Queen's Gunner[]

  • Shot in the Dark - Tankbuster
  • Queen's Shot - Raidwide Damage
  • Automatic Turret - Places a turret on the field. Subsequent uses will have four turrets.
  • Turret's Tour - Shoots a line AoE at one or two turrets. The turrets will subsequently reflect the shots in their indicated directions. Typically has one pair of turrets fire at another pair of turrets for a final shot in random directions.

Queen's Warrior[]

  • Rapid Sever - Tankbuster
  • Blood and Bone - Raidwide Damage
  • Bombslinger - Throws small and large bombs out onto the field
  • Reversal of Forces - Changes the weight of bombs on the field
  • Above Board - Lifts bombs and players into the air. Heavier bombs will fall and explode first.

Final Phase[]

After reducing each boss to 0.1% HP, all four will return to the field and create aetheric barriers around them. Each boss will then begin to charge up their raidwide attacks. The barriers need to be destroyed before any raidwide goes off or the raid will wipe. The barriers will cast Coat of Arms granting them directional parry in indicated positions. Once all barriers are destroyed the battle ends.

Pride of the Lion[]

  • Weave Miasma - Creates a persistent large rectangle AoE on the northern edge and a smaller rectangle on the southern edge. Both inflict instant death.
  • Manipulate Miasma - Creates line Aoes and travelling solutions AoEs that each cover one of the vertical columns of the arena.
  • Summons a Phantom at either the North or South edge of the arena that will cast a moderate knockback from the respective side.
  • Vile Wave - Large conal AoE

Following the defeat of the Phantom will be another section riddled with traps. Use Lost Perception to uncover and avoid them before reaching the next arena.

The Vault of Singing Crystal[]

  • Wrath of Bozja - Large Conal AoE Tankbuster
  • Glory of Bozja - Raidwide damage
  • Unseen Eye - Summons clones around the edge of the arena that fire line AoEs
  • Hot and Cold - Debuffs players with temperature changes, of up to two hot or cold stacks. Interacting with further mechanics, players must balance their temperature to neutral.
  • Allegiant Arsenal - Grants the boss use of a weapon, cycling between staff, bow and sword.
  • Staff Techniques:
    • Fury of Bozja - Point-blank AoE utilised after equipping staff.
    • Freedom of Bozja - Places four proximity AoEs in each corner of the arena. After they go off, four orbs will appear - two fire and two ice. The orbs will explode after some time. Players need to be hit by the correct orbs to balance their temperatures. In the first use, each orb will change a player's temperature by one bar. Subsequent casts will have a fire and ice orb that will change temperature by two bars.
  • Bow Techniques:
    • Flashvane - 270 degree AoE in front of the boss used after equipping bow.
    • Flames of Bozja - covers four fifths of the arena in a persisting fire AoE, leaving a column on the edge safe.
    • Shimmering Shot - Summons fire and ice arrows at the other end of the persisting AoE. The arrows will follow along a ladder game to end at one of the five squares in the safe column. The first use will only have 1 set of fire and ice arrows that change a player's temperature by one bar. Subsequent casts will also have fire and ice arrows that will change temperature by two bars.
  • Sword Techniques:
    • Infernal Slash - 270 degree AoE behind the boss used after equipping sword.
    • Blade of Entropy - Imbues blade with either one of two bars of fire or ice and cleaves half of the room depending on the swords position. The cleaves can change player temperature.


  • Empyrean Iniquity - Raidwide damage
  • Cleansing Slash - Tankbuster. Inflicts a bleed and cleansable doom debuff on the main enmity target.
  • Queen's Will - Transforms the arena into a chess-styled board with black and white squares. Summons two of the Queen's Guard on the field and marks them with a random number of dots (1 - 4).
  • Queen's Edict - Transforms the arena into a chess-styled board with black and white squares. Debuffs players with Movement Edicts that, after 10 seconds, will mark the square the player currently is in and change into a "Your Move" Debuff, forcing the player to move the dictated number of squares away from the marked space. This counts absolute distance from their original spot rather than simply moving the required number of squares.
  • Beck and Call to Arms - Enforces the rules from Queen's Will and Edict. The guards will march forward the number of squares indicated by the dots and perform cross AoEs. If Edict has been cast, players will be temporarily stunned and be checked if they have have correctly performed the mechanic.
  • Northswain's Glow - Summons 3 orbs that seep into the cracks between the arena squares and form lines that spread out ward. Where two lines meet, a large AoE will explode just after.
  • Heaven's Wrath - creates a rectangular AoE that will kill players standing inside it, and knockback the rest from the AoEs long side.
  • Judgement Blade - The Queen charges down the middle of the arena and cleaves one half indicated by which side she has her swords out.
  • Gods Save the Queen - Raidwide damage, marks the beginning of the second phase. Queen's Edict and Relentless Play will be used after this attack.
  • Relentless Play - Summons either the Queen's Knight and Soldier, or Warrior and Gunner, causing them to perform a variation of their unique mechanics.

Savage Preparation[]

After clearing the normal version of Delubrum Reginae and the story quests, players will be able to unlock the more difficult Savage version by obtaining Resistance Rank 15 and possesing 2 million mettle then speaking with the Troubled Gentleman NPC in Gangos. The Savage version of Delubrum Reginae hosts extra encounters and more difficult versions of the bosses from the normal version. It also follows similar rules to the baldesion Arsenal, preventing normal revives on K.O'd players unless done through the use of specific Lost Actions or Healer Limit Break level 3. Savage also allows for a maximum of 48 players to join, though the health of bosses scales accordingly for lower numbers. Upon full raid K.O. all players will be forced to leave the instance and re-enter to start from the beginning.

Musical themes[]

"The Sochen Cave Palace (Zodiac Age Version)" plays throughout most the duty. "Giving Chase (Zodiac Age Version)" plays during the battles with the Trinity Seeker, the Queen's Guard, and the Trinity Avowed, while "The Queen Awakens" plays during the battle against the Queen.


Chests throughout the duty will reward players with Bozjan silver coins, and have a chance of dropping field records. The final gold chest also has a chance to give a hairstyle and a mount. After completing the duty for the first time, players can speak with the Resistance Supplier in Gangos to rade Bozjan silver coins for gold coins, which in turn can be used to purchase item level 510 Law's Order gear.


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Behind the scenes[]

Delubrum Reginae is Latin for "Queen's Sanctum".

The entrance to the dungeon is hidden in a chamber within the Last Trace in the Southern Bozjan Front. This chamber can only be accessed once as part of the story.