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Delta Thrust is a Blue Mage spell from from Final Fantasy XI. It is a physical Blue Magic spell learned at level 89.


The spell is learned from Peiste enemies that use the ability, which can be found aplenty in the Shadowreign versions of the Pashhow Marshlands, Grauberg, and Beadeaux.


When used, Delta Thrust delivers a threefold attack on a target with an additional Plague effect, with the chance of inflicting the status being dependent on the user's TP. Delta Thrust is often used in end-game activities, due to the ability having the chance to inflict the Plague status and being a cheaper alternative when compared to the other threefold attacking Blue Magic spells.

Delta Thrust costs 2 Blue Magic Points to equip. When set, it grants the HP +15, MP -5, and INT -1 stats to the player. If it is equipped with Animating Wail, Blazing Bound, or Quadratic Continuum, it grants the Dual Wield job trait. Due to its low point requirement to equip, Delta Thrust is an immensely popular spell to equip to create upgraded versions of the Dual Wield traits. It takes .5 seconds to cast and can be recast every 15 seconds.


Delta, Δ or δ, is a letter in the Greek alphabet, and also used as a mathematical symbol.