Trophy: Emerging from Chaos
Complete "Deliverance from Chaos". Bronze

With Aerith free from captivity, they must now escape the Shinra Building. Cloud wakes up to find himself and the others taking refuge in the room where Aerith and her mother were once held. They discuss the past, present, and a destiny they are trying to change.


Deliverance from Chaos is the seventeenth chapter in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It comprises events when Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Barret Wallace, Aerith Gainsborough, and Red XIII escape the Shinra Building.

Completing the quest unlocks the bronze trophy Emerging from Chaos. Several trophies can also be earned in the Shinra Combat Simulator during this chapter when visiting in Chapter Select.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Aerith's old room in the Shinra Building.

After falling unconscious in Professor Hojo's lab, Cloud awakes in Aerith's old room, with Tifa, Barret, Aerith and Red XIII also there. Aerith explains where they are, and talks about her Cetra heritage though she says she can't lead Shinra to the promised land like the company wants her to. The ghosts appear again, and Red XIII reveals they are Whispers whose task is to ensure destiny follows its intended course. They are contacted by Mayor Domino and Wedge, who say Avalanche HQ is on their way to extract them with a helicopter; all they have to do is to get to the roof.

The door opens and the party heads to the elevator. They end up at Hojo's research facility called the Drum. In the middle, they find the central being of Hojo's research: Jenova. Red XIII explains Hojo has been studying Jenova for years and used it to breed the monsters inside the many pods in the Drum. Sephiroth appears and everyone can see him. Cloud assaults him, but he destroys the catwalk they were standing on, and the party is separated as they fall into the depths of the Drum. Hojo is witnessing the whole thing through security cameras.

Cloud recovers and reunites with Red XIII and Barret. They move ahead, until Tifa and Aerith assist by dropping number of barrels on top of the monsters. The path to the elevator is blocked, and Hojo calls them and intends to use the party to test his latest experiment. The only way out is through an elevator, but it is unreachable, so the split party has to fight their way through several wards before reaching it.

President Shinra killed by Sephiroth.

Through several challenges throughout the Drum the party reunites and reaches the top of the Drum, only to find Jenova's tank broken and the specimen missing. Following a trail of black goo the party ends up in President Shinra's office with the President hanging on his life on the side of the roof. Barret takes the opportunity to get him to confess it was Shinra who dropped the Sector 7 plate and to there not being an alliance between Avalanche and Wutai. The President turns the tables by pulling out a gun from his desk, and holding Barret at gunpoint. He brags about his superiority, as he believes the world would succumb to anarchy without Shinra. Just as he is about to pull the trigger, he is stabbed with a long sword, and is killed by Sephiroth who stabs Barret as well.

The rest of the party attempts to strike him, but are overcome by hallucinogenic from Jenova. The room transforms, and Cloud, Tifa Aerith and Red are forced to fight Jenova Dreamweaver. They defeat her, and she transforms into Marco, the sickly, robed man from Sector 7. He dies, but Sephiroth appears in another robed man's body to carry away Jenova's headless body, now draped in black cloth. The Whispers appear, and one of them heals Barret. Red XIII explains the death he experienced was not the one destiny had ordained to him.

Cloud follows the robed man in Sephiroth's visage to the roof, but he floats away with the body of Jenova. The Avalanche HQ helicopter arrives, but is shot down by Reno and Rude from a Shinra helicopter, bringing the president's son, Vice President Rufus Shinra. Cloud orders everyone to leave while he takes care of him. The two fight, and Cloud wins, but Rufus escapes. Cloud is attacked by the Shinra helicopter, and he is left hanging on the edge of the building until Tifa runs to grab him.

Meanwhile, Barret, Aerith and Red XIII descend to the first floor on the elevator, but are ambushed by the Arsenal, a large mechanical weapon. It forces them to to the 58th floor, where the trio has to fight it. They destroy it and escape to the lower floors.

The party ready to escape.

As Barret, Aerith and Red reach the entrance, they are ambushed by Shinra soldiers led by Heidegger. He finds the trio curious and asks who are they. Barret says he is Avalanche, Aerith says she is a local florist and Red says he is a "lab rat dog". As Heidegger prepares to take them out, Cloud appears riding motorcycle stolen from the Shinra showroom upstairs, and knocks down the Shinra troops. Tifa arrives in a Shinra pick-up truck and urges the rest to come onboard. With Cloud, they break their way to the Midgar Expressway.

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Quests[edit | edit source]

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