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Deist in the World of Dusk.

Deist (ディストへ, Disuto?) is a village in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It used to be homeland to the Dragoons prior to being decimated by the Empire. It is located to the west of Braska if one traverses the Cave to Deist.


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A soldier scoffs at the notion of eliminating the dragons.

When the Warriors of Light arrive at Deist, they notice the many tombstones surrounding the entrance. Aigis notes that they belong to fallen dragoons. The party realizes there are several Imperial soldiers staying at Deist. Dusk states that while it is no surprise that the Empire exterminates dragons, it does not make sense to maintain a presence in the village. Sol suggests investigating and the Warriors of Light discover the citizens believe the Empire has sent soldiers to eliminate the dragons. The soldiers scoff at the notion, revealing they were only sent to occupy Deist for the Empire.

Meeting Ricard.

In one of the houses the party meets the former dragoon Ricard. Bedridden and crippled, he reveals he used to fight alongside Abel, a master dragoon of Deist who died fighting the Empire, despite the dragons having given up on humanity. Ricard is frustrated he cannot fulfill his promise to Abel: protecting Barbara, Abel's only daughter.

Receiving Abel's Spear.

After meeting with Ricard, the party meets Old Lady Ebba, the previous caretaker of Barbara. She blames herself for Barbara's disappearance, mentioning that ten years have passed. Remaining hopeful that Barbara is still alive, she gives the Warriors of Light Abel's Spear so they can give it to Barbara should they find her.

Following a tip about Dragonweed growing to the west, the party leaves Deist.

After Barbara joins the party, they can backtrack to Deist with a black chocobo and visit Old Lady Ebba with Barbara as party leader. Ebba will be bewildered Barbara is alive and remarks the way she holds her spear reminds her of Abel.

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Item Place
Potion Shelf
Antidote Pot (Ricard's House)
Golden Needle Pot
Drowsy Ring Shelf (Old Lady Ebba's House)
Hi-Potion Pot
Holy Lance Chest (Chapter 4)



Item Price
Potion 30
Phoenix Down 200
Golden Needle 400
Maiden's Kiss 60
Mallet 80
Echo Grass 50
Eye Drops 30
Antidote 40
Tent 200
Sacred Candle 100


Item Price
Orichalcum 1500
Tyrfing 1800
Spear 480
Poison Knuckles 1700
Healing Staff 1650
Flame Rod 1600
Ice Rod 1600
Thunder Rod 1600


Item Price
Steel Shield 1000
Bandana 650
Circlet 700
Steel Helm 750
Chainmail 1650
Silver-spun Robe 1700
Steel Armor 1800
Iron Armlet 400
Iron Bangle 350
Leather Shoes 60

White Magic[]

Item Price
Slow 300
Silence 300
Mini 300
Cura 700
Protect 700
Raise 700

Black Magic[]

Item Price
Poison 300
Sleep 300
Toad 300
Fira 700
Blizzara 700
Thundara 700

The inn charges 200 gil per stay.