PSP Deist - WM

Deist on the world map of Final Fantasy II.

Deist (ディスト, Disuto?) is a recurring location in the Final Fantasy series. In both its appearances it is depicted as a hometown of dragoons and wyverns. A dragoon by the name of Ricard is a prominent character in both appearances of Deist. In both its appearances, Deist is also a target of an Imperial attack usually crowned with the decimation of the dragoons living there.


Final Fantasy IIEdit

Deist is an island which acts as a location for the Deist Castle and the Deist Cavern.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

FFD Deist WM

Deist on the world map of Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Deist used to be the hometown of the Dragoons in Final Fantasy Dimensions, including Barbara, a guest party member. It is occupied by the Avalon Empire.

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