This article is about the Vagrant Story spell. For the Final Fantasy VIII Blue Magic, see Degenerator.

Degenerate (ミゼラブルボディ, Mizeraburu Bodi?, lit. Miserable Body) is a magic spell in Vagrant Story. It is one of Sorcery Spells that Ashley Riot learns from a Grimoire.

Ashley learns Degenerate from the Grimoire Debile, dropped by the Minotaur at the Wine Cellar. Degenerate is a stats-modifying spell, as casting it decreases the strength of the player character by 1/10 of his base STR value. The spell costs 7 MP and induces the status STR-DOWN. In Battle Mode, when casting the spell, the range shape is spheroid and it affects a single target. Degenerate can also be affected by equipping Gems.

Its counterpart is Herakles, a Sorcery spell that cancels Degenerate's effect upon use. Degenerate is also removed whenever the player character exits from a room.

Degenerate is also an enemy ability. It is used by Dullahan, Ghost, Goblin Leader, Lich, Orc Leader, Nightstalker, Tieger, Ogre Lord, Kali, Guildenstern, and Shrieker.

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