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Defense Node is an enemy fought in Perpetouss Keep during Adventurer from Another World quest in Final Fantasy XV. It is a security bot of Niflheim make that fights alongside an MA-X Patria. They are similar to the magitek-boosting enemies encountered in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto.



MA-X Patria in Perpetouss Keep from FFXV

The Defense Node spawns alongside the MA-X Patria, Mortar Systems and an Attack Node. It spawns next to the Attack Node and continually heals it. It explodes when destroyed. Y'jhimei accompanies the party and uses healing magic should the player need it. The Defense Nodes don't appear in the bestiary, but their stats can be scanned with Libra in wait mode or by Ignis's Analyze.


Defense Node is not a threat and is easily defeated with normal attacks and warp-strikes.

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