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For the weapon see Defender (Tactics A2 weapon)

Well protected, defenders stride the battlefield with little fear. They can even nullify certain attacks entirely.


Defender is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, exclusive to bangaa.


Defenders focus on protecting themselves and attack when surrounded. They can sacrifice their HP to deal damage, but their Aura ability can make them a permanent field unit. They have excellent HP and Defense making them difficult to injure, let alone knock out, but as a bangaa class they lack Resistance.

Their abilities are suitable for the Templar if building a support unit. Defenders are often overlooked compared to the Paladin as they lack Cover to protect other units, but they can deal massive damage to opposing units if surrounded.

The artwork for the Defender depicts it with a spear, a weapon the class cannot use.



These skills protect the DEFENDER and his allies.

Skill Equipment Range AP MP
Whirl Burst El-Cid All sides 200
A powerful whirlwind attack. Damages and knocks back surrounding units.
Meltdown Vajra All sides 350
Sacrifice the user to deal damage equal to their current HP to target.
Defense Lionheart Self 200
Concentrate solely on protecting one's self. Raises DEFENSE and RESISTANCE until the user's next turn.
Rend Weapon Claymore 1 200
Attempt to destroy the target's weapon with a attack aimed at the hands.
Hibernate Defender Self 100
Place the user in a state of restful SLEEP. Removes debuffs, but leaves the user defenseless.
Mow Down Stribog All sides 350
A powerful attack that damages surrounding units. Leaves the user exhausted, lowering EVASION.
Aura Lohengrin Self 400 28
A secret technique that augments the user's aura. RERAISE and REGEN.
Bulwark Save the Queen Self 300
Protect the user from all damage until its next turn.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Critical: Berserk Gauntlets Gain BERSERK when user becomes HP Critical. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Defense↑ Diamond Armor Raises DEFENSE. Decreases physical damage received. 150
Tank Platinum Armor Enables the user to equip helms and heavy armor, regardless of their current job. 200