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A Chemist using Defend in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Defend status symbol in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Defend (ぼうぎょ, Bōgyo?), also known as Guard (まもる, Mamoru?) , Parry, and Defending, is a recurring status in the Final Fantasy series, usually caused by the ability of the same name. Characters in this status take a defensive stance that causes them to take less damage.


Final Fantasy IV[]

Defend is a temporary status that wears off when the character's next turn comes up. When the player choose the command to defend, this status is used. The status is also applied after using Brace. While under this status, the defense of the character increases by a factor of 2.

The player won't see a status description while the status is granted on the character when they are selecting a Cure or Esuna spell or healing items.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Defend is a status that doubles the character's defense until the character's input window is displayed again.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Every character can use the Defend command to gain this status, which causes them to take half damage until the start of their next turn.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Defend is caused by the Brothers' ability. It grants the character immunity to physical attacks and halves magical damage. If the user is attacked by a physical attack that would cause a status effect, the status effect will never be applied. The status lasts until the character picks their next move.

Final Fantasy X[]

A character will automatically defend against physical attacks when their turn is skipped through Triangle. When defending, damage from physical attacks is halved.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

The unit has assumed a defensive stance, enabling it to respond quickly to attacks.

PSP Description.

The Defending status doubles the character's chance of evading an attack until his next turn. The Thief's reaction ability, Vigilance, can trigger the defending stance when the user is being attacked, as can the Squire's Defend ability.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

Defend increases the units' weapon and magic resistance until the unit next moves.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Defend increases the unit's Defense and Resistance until the next turn. There is a stronger version, Bulwark, which makes the unit impervious to damage for one turn.


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