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Defaith (デフェイ, Defei?) is a recurring status effect that reduces the target's Magic. It is opposed by the Faith status, the two cancelling each other out.


Final Fantasy XIII[]

Defaith reduces the afflicted's Magic by 90%. This also affects the party's magical full ATB skills: Hope's Last Resort and Vanille's Death. Defaith cannot be inflicted by the player party. It can be cured with Esuna or Dispelga and can be canceled with the Faith status.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Defaith reduces the afflicted's Magic by 50%. It is inflicted by enemies, but can also be inflicted by a tamed Tezcatlipoca as part of its Feral Link, Raging Torrent.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

Defaith reduces the afflicted's Magic by 67%. Lightning can inflict it with the Defaith and Defaithga spells, and if afflicted herself, can heal it with a Remedy or Mega Remedy. It expires on its own after a time.

Fang uses Defaith Hunter on enemies afflicted with Defaith dealing increased damage.

Mage's Gloves makes Lightning immune to Defaith.

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