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The Deepeyes, or BigEYE in the Nintendo Entertainment System version, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. It is a relatively rare enemy, found in the Sunken Shrine (1F-4F) and later in the Chaos Shrine (B3). Despite its rarity, it gives a large amount of EXP and gil upon defeat, making it a suitable enemy for Level grinding.


Battle Edit

Like its weaker orange sibling, the Deepeyes likes to use the Gaze move, which Paralyzes a party member. It can also use Flash, which attempts to inflict Blind on the whole party.

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Etymology Edit

Like virtually all enemies in the original Final Fantasy, the Deepeyes allude to Dungeons and Dragons. There, the enemy is known as an Eye of the Deep, and it is an amphibious relative of the Beholder with a paralyzing gaze.

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