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Deepeye (ディープアイ, Dīpuai?), also known as Deepeyes and BigEYE, is a recurring enemy in the series. They first appeared in the first Final Fantasy, inspired by the "Eyes of the Deep" from Dungeons & Dragons; though from Final Fantasy VI onwards, they acquire a new and original design for this franchise.


Final Fantasy[]


Deepeyes is an enemy fought at the Sunken Shrine. It prefers to attack with the Paralysis-inducing Gaze ability in addition to using Flash to inflict Blind on the party. They are otherwise not difficult foes to defeat.

Final Fantasy VI[]


Deepeye is an enemy fought at the northwest island in the World of Ruin. They attack in groups and tend to favor inflicting Petrify with their Dread Gaze and Sleep with Dreamland.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Deepeye ff14.png

Deepeyes are the basis family of a weak voidsent found most commonly in the Coerthas Western Highlands, introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward and based on their Final Fantasy VI appearance. The Deepeye enemies themselves can be found in the Riversmeet area.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]


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