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FFV iOS Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze in Final Fantasy V (iOS).

Deals ice damage to a single target and causes time to stop, preventing action.

Final Fantasy Dimensions description

Deep Freeze (ディープフリーズ, Dīpu Furīzu?) is a recurring ability in the series. It commonly inflicts Ice-elemental damage and Stop to one target.


Final Fantasy VEdit

Deep Freeze is a level 2 Dark Arts ability, learned by having a Necromancer defeat an Assassin or Dark Elemental. It deals Ice-elemental magic damage and Stop to one enemy with a power of 190 at the cost of 38 MP. Deep Freeze is also used as an enemy ability by Enuo.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Deep Freeze is a fusion ability usable by any of the characters by combining Stop and Shiva. It inflicts Ice-elemental magic damage and Stop to one enemy at the cost of 38 MP, and is slightly weaker than a Blizzaga spell.

Bravely DefaultEdit

Deep Freeze is a Genome ability that unleashes a water-based physical attack on all enemies. It is learned from Orthros. It costs 30 MP to use.

World of Final FantasyEdit

Deep Freeze is an active, ice-elemental physical ability that inflicts physical ice damage and Evasion Down on a single target for 11 AP. It has low topple strength. It can be used by Shivalry and Shivalry★.

It is also an enemy ability used by Shivalry.


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