FFXIV wiki icon Deep Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV is a roguelike multi-floor instance with its own leveling system and items. It can be played either solo or in a party. So far, there are two Deep Dungeons:

  • Palace of the Dead (Level 1-60): is a 200 floor dungeon that was released across two patches for Heavensward. The first 50 floors were released in Patch 3.35, and it concludes the story-arc of Edda Pureheart. Additional 150 floors (dubbed as Hellsward floors) were added later in Patch 3.45. These additional floors were made for players who seek an extra challenge. Floors 101-200 is only accessible to fixed parties that made it to floor 100 without a single KO.
  • Heaven-on-High (Level 61-70): is a 100-floor dungeon that was released in Patch 4.35 for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. The first 30 floor tells the story of an empyrean slender tower that seemingly pierces heavens. Floors 31-100 (dubbed as Apex floors) can only be accessed only to fixed parties that made it to floor 30 without a single KO.

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