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Decisive Battle[1] is the final of four acts in Final Fantasy VII. The act comprises the events that take place after Cloud returns to the party following a series of events in Mideel, up until the Northern Cave where a final confrontation with Sephiroth takes place.


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  1. Clash in the Deep Sea
  2. Toward the Sea of Stars
  3. What Aeris Left Behind
  4. Mako Cannon Rampage
  5. Feelings From the Heart of Every Place
  6. The Planet's Judgment

"Clash in the Deep Sea" takes place in the Underwater Reactor, where the party searches for another Huge Materia. This leads into "Toward the Sea of Stars", when the party searches for another Huge Materia in Rocket Town. After this, during "What Aeris Left Behind" the party searches for the Key to the Ancients, and then returns to Forgotten City.

"Mako Cannon Rampage" occurs after a phone call from Cait Sith, and comprises the events in which the party returns to Midgar to stop the Sister Ray. "Feelings From the Heart of Every Place" comprises optional events after the Sister Cannon in Midgar stops, including the Sunken Gelnika, a final conversation with Bugenhagen, and Lucrecia's Cave. "The Planet's Judgment" is the final chapter, and comprises the events in the Northern Cave.