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The Capital Room houses ten characters.


Barret's options concern who is in the party and who is party leader.

"Who do you want in the party?
Option Description
Tifa Adds Tifa to the party.
Ballet Adds Barret to the party.
Earith Adds Aeris to the party.
Red Adds Red XIII to the party.
Cid Adds Cid to the party.
Yufi Adds Yuffie to the party.
Ketcy Adds Cait Sith to the party.
Vince Adds Vincent to the party.
Put Cid on point Makes Cid the party leader.
Forget it. Makes Tifa the party leader.


Tifa's options concern North Corel.

"Going to north Corel.

It doesn't matter whether or not
Ballet is in this event.

Option Description
Barett of north Corel Warps to the initial arrival at North Corel.
ropeway Warps to Barret's flashback at the rope station.
North Corel Warps to North Corel destroyed by the Shinra train. Attempting to enter the inn will cause the game to hang due to a NPC's repetitive movements.
quit Cancels out.

Female NPC[]

This NPC's options concern placing plot flags. The player will have to leave the debug room via warping options and explore to find the results.

Option Description
Palmer Makes Shera block the door to the area where the Tiny Bronco is being kept in Rocket Town.
Highwind Gives the player the Highwind.
Materia mission
Cloud's revival
Rocket launch The player must board the Highwind and access the cockpit to be taken to the scene after the failed rocket launch.
Sister Ray
Train success
Train failure
Train last
quit Warps to North Corel after successfully stopping the train. The player will not be able to leave town unless they exit to the Gold Saucer ropeway first. Once the player leaves town they will be stuck on top of the ocean, in a corner of the map.


Aeris has no options, but says, "Snow board game" and sends the player to the snowboarding event at the Great Glacier.


Cid has no options, but says, "I'm sickle...xxxx
I mean...Icicle Inn.
...ok, bad joke," then sends the player to Icicle Inn before meeting with Elena.


Yuffie deals with the Raid on Midgar.

Hydroplane event
Option Description
Deck no. 1 Hangs the game.
parachute deck On the deck of the Highwind, preparing to parachute into Midgar.
bridge no. 1 The scene onboard the Highwind after the barrier surrounding the Northern Cave is destroyed.
bridge no. 2 Hojo prepares to fire the Sister Ray.
bridge no. 3 The scene following Reeve's arrest.
conference room 1 The scene at Shinra Bldg. where Huge Materia is discussed.
conference room 2 The scene where Hojo plans to fire the Sister Ray again.
conference room 3 The scene of Reeve's arrest.
send-off people The scene just before the party parachute into Midgar.
quit Cancels out.

Black haired NPC[]

This NPC's options concern Gaea's Cliff.

Gaea's cliff test
Option Description
Gaea's cliff no. 1 Warps to the first climb up the side of the cliff.
Gaea's cliff no. 2 Warps to the second climbing sequence.
Gaea's cliff 1 of 3 Warps to the third climbing sequence.
Gaea's cliff 2 of 3 Warps to the top of the cliff, about to go to the crater.
Base of Gaea's cliff Warps to the base of the cliff at Holzoff's house.
quit Cancels out.

Red XIII[]

Red XIII's options concern Under Junon.

Where are you going underneath Junon?
Option Description
Under Junon 1 Warps to Under Junon.
There'll be monsters Warps to the beach in Under Junon.
Dolphin jump Warps to the jumping with Mr Dolphin, but the player will not have the whistle so cannot reach Junon. Also, Priscilla is not present, so the player will be unable to get back into the water if they get out.
Artificial Respiration The CPR scene with Priscilla.
quit Cancels out.

Old male NPC[]

This NPC's options concern the Whirlwind Maze.

Option Description
Crater no. 1 Warps to the first area of the crater after climbing Gaea's Cliff.
Whirlwind Maze no. 1 Warps to the scene after defeating Jenova∙DEATH. The game will hang just before Cloud gives the Black Materia to Sephiroth.
Whirlwind Maze no. 2 Warps to the first area of the Whirlwind Maze.
Atmospheric Barrier no. 1 Warps to the first wind barrier.
Atmospheric Barrier no. 2 Warps to the second wind barrier with green tornado.
Atmospheric Barrier no. 3 Warps to the third wind barrier with tornado and lightning bolts.
quit Cancels out.


Priscilla's options concern adding and removing characters from the global party.

Option Description
all members Adds all members.
quit Cancels out.
Without Yufi Removes Yuffie.
Without Vince Removes Vincent.
Without Ballet Removes Barret.
Without Tifa Removes Tifa.
Without Earith Removes Aeris.
Without Red Removes Red XIII.
Without Cid Removes Cid.
Without Ketcy Removes Cait Sith.