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Autumn Room.

The Autumn Room houses twelve characters.

Cid (Center)[]

Cid's options concern Don Corneo's mansion. He can be walked through and the player must press X twice after speaking to Cid in order to bring up the full list of options.

Option Description
ponbiki Warps to the first visit to the mansion.
irasshai Warps to the mansion as "Miss" Cloud. Leaves the player stuck and unable to move.
tifa to gouryuu Warps outside of the Lackey's room, stuck in the doorway. If the player enters the door, Cloud will be blocking Scotch who will continually try and walk, hanging the game.
yame Cancels out with the message "yametayo", meaning "quitter".

Cid (Left)[]

This Cid has more options concerning Corneo's Mansion.

colneo osiokibeya
Option Description
tifa to saikai Warps to the torture room before meeting Tifa.
earith to gouryuu Warps to the torture room with Kotch chasing Aeris.
colneo sonogo Warps to the torture room with Kotch on the rack.
yame Cancels out.

Cid (Right)[]

This Cid has one final option concerning Corneo's mansion, with the rest concerning the Shinra Building.

Option Description
colneo kobun beya Warps to the Lackey's room. If the player leaves the room after defeating them, Cloud will be "Miss" Cloud again, and if they enter the torture room, he will be in his regular outfit once more. Kotch is chasing Aeris, and Tifa will be there also, causing Aeris in her red dress to enter the room and Tifa to get stuck against Cloud trying to walk over to Aeris.
sinra kaidan1 Warps to the first section of the Shinra Building staircase used to sneak in.
sinra kaidan2 Warps to the second section of the staircase.
sinra kaidan3 Warps to the last section of the staircase.
sinra 59F Warps to the 59th floor of the building. Leaves the player stuck and unable to move.
sinra elevetor Warps to the elevator in which the party is attacked every time the doors open. When the 59th floor is reached the doors will not open and the floor numbers will scramble again every time the player tries to stop the elevator.
sinrabil totunyuu Warps to the entrance to the Shinra Building after climbing the wire. If the player then enters through the front entrance, "Infiltrating Shinra" will be playing instead of "Opening - Bombing Mission".
sinrabil dasshutu Warps to the escape of the Shinra Building.
yame Cancels out.

Cait Sith (Top)[]

Cait Sith's options concern changing party members.

Option Description
cloud dake Makes Cloud the party leader.
ballet Adds Barret to the party.
tifa Adds Tifa to the party.
earith Adds Aeris to the party.
red Adds Red XIII to the party.
caitsith Adds Cait Sith to the party.
yufi Adds Yuffie to the party.
cid Adds Cid to the party.
cincent Adds Vincent to the party.
tifa dake Makes Tifa the party leader.
cid dake Makes Cid the party leader.

Cait Sith (Bottom)[]

Cait Sith's options are rather random, but follow a chronological order.

Option Description
unpansen Warps below deck of the Cargo Ship just before the battle with Jenova∙BIRTH.
corel kaisou1 Warps to Barret's flashback of Corel pre-destruction.
corel kaisou2 Warps to Barret's flashback of the people of Corel discussing the reactor.
saishuukessen Warps to the scene before the fight with Bizarro∙Sephiroth, but also shows the party escaping from the flames after the reactor explosion at the beginning of the game, Cloud jumping onto the top of the train, and the train itself moving through Midgar.
yame Cancels out.

Barret (Right)[]

Barret's options concern Sector 5.

Option Description
kyoukai no yane Warps to the roof of the church after escaping Reno.
yane pyon Warps to the trash heap jumping scene after the church.
yane kara oriru Warps to the scene after jumping off the trash heap and into Sector 5.
yame Cancels out.

Barret (Left)[]

This Barret's options also concern Sector 5. He can be walked straight through and the player must press X twice to bring up the full options.

Option Description
slum chuusin Warps to the town in Sector 5 after Sector 7 has been destyroyed.
dokan Warps to the pipe house, but the man inside has gone.
icchaya Warps to the screen past the save point. Cloud will be facing a wall.
yame Cancels out.

Aeris (Right)[]

Aeris's options concern Don Corneo and which date he picks. However, if the player has already completed this event on the file they are accessing the debug room on, the outcome will be the same with each option as the player already has all the Key Items for the scene. If the outcome during gameplay was Cloud, once he is in Corneo's room he will be back in his usual outfit and the mansion will be empty.

colneo no heya
Option Description
cloud erabareru Picks Cloud.
earith erabareru Picks Aeris.
tifa erabareru Picks Aeris.
yame Cancels out.

Aeris (Left)[]

This Aeris's options concern the scene after Corneo has picked his date.

colneo sinsitu
Option Description
cloud no baai Cloud is picked.
earith no baai Aeris is picked.
tifa no baai Tifa is picked.
yame Cancels out.


Yuffie's options concern Cosmo Canyon.

Option Description
cosmo Materia ya Warps to the Materia shop.
cosmo touchaku Warps to the initial arrival at Cosmo Canyon.
seto no kabe Warps to the scene with Seto.
movie check Warps to the FMV in Bugenhagen's planetarium. It will be slowed down and all the characters in the debug room will be present and can still be spoken to.
boogen jikkensitu Warps to the initial arrival to the planetarium.
sayonara cosmo Warps to the leaving of Cosmo Canyon after the storyline events.
meteo go cosmo Warps to Cosmo Canyon after Meteor has been summoned.
onegai boogen Warps to Bugenhagen's house before going to the Forgotten City.
hyuji Materia Warps to the planetarium with the Huge Materia.
sayonara boogen Warps to Bugenhagen's house. If Red XIII is in the party, the scene will play out.
............ Warps to the scene at Cosmo Candle following Bugenhagen's death. The game will hang as Red XIII will not move.


Dyne's options concern the Shinra Building.

Option Description
sinra 60F Warps to the 60th floor. The player cannot use the stairs, and if the player leaves this floor via the elevator and tries to return, they will not be able to as they do not have the right key card.
sinra 61F Warps to the 61st floor.
sinra 64F Warps to the 64th floor.
sinra 63F Warps to the 63rd floor. Leaves the player stuck and unable to move.
sinra 62F Warps to the 62nd floor. Leaves the player stuck and unable to move.
sinrabil shoumen Warps outside the building. Leaves the player stuck and unable to move.
sinrabio uraguti Warps to the path to the staircase entrance outside the building.
minigame Warps to the G-Bike minigame on the Midgar Expressway. The player will be in an empty black room when it ends.
sinrabil matane Warps to the entrance of the Shinra Building. Leaves the player stuck and unable to move.
yame Cancels out.


The sailor's options concern Wutai Village and Meteor.

Option Description
utai iriguti Warps to Wutai.
yufi wo oe! Warps to the end of the Wutai sidequest. The player will need to go to Da-Chao to progress.
yufi nakamani Warps to the scene after defeating Mystery Ninja.
yufi nigeru1 Warps to the scene where Yuffie steals the party's materia.
yufi nigeru2 Warps to the above scene but with a different background.
meteo1 Warps to the scene after the rocket collides with Meteor, but where it would usually show Meteor with its broken surface, the Tiny Bronco escaping Rocket Town shows instead.
meteo2 Same scene as above.
meteo3 Same scene as above.
yame Cancels out.