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The Debug Room is only accessible in the U.S. and Australian versions of Final Fantasy IV Advance. The Debug Room is a small room and the player will need a Gameshark device to access it by entering the following Gameshark codes and loading a save game to enter it:

7200E002 000C
8200E04E 015D
7200E002 000C
8200E3C4 0078
7200E002 000C
8200E3C8 0068

Upon loading, they player will only be able to walk a short distance from the starting tile. Opening and closing the main menu will correct this, and the location window in the main menu calls the Debug Room "Search 349". The Save point in the center of the room is not functional. There are six NPCs with debugging options. Unfortunately they use incorrect text strings, but with the exception of the dancing girl, each NPC only does one thing so this isn't really an issue.

People in the Debug Room[]

Dancing girl[]

The Dancing Girl controls the player's party and the event flags that are currently set. Choosing YES will set the party and event flags listed in the table, then advance to the next option. The player can choose NO after getting the party and flags they want.

Option Party Notes
UP 0 Cecil, Kain *Gives the player one of each key item from the original game.
*None of the events in the Mist Cave have taken place.
*Talking to the Elder of Mysidia to access the world map seems to set other events to a later state, preventing the events at Mist from triggering.
UP 1 Cecil *Landslide at Mist has occurred.
*Cecil's sprite will become a dark knight and he'll say "I have to find her a place to rest" upon entering Kaipo, but he does not walk to the inn. The inn map will load after a short period of time, but the rest of the event does not play out. This occurs any time the player steps on the first tile inside Kaipo's walls, effectively trapping the player in the town.
LEFT 0 Cecil, Rydia *After Rydia joins the party in Kaipo.
*Tellah will join the party in the Underground Waterway.
LEFT 1 Cecil, Rydia, Tellah *The Octomammoth has been defeated.
*Damcyan has been bombed; its world map graphics do not reflect this.
*The events with Anna will play out as normal.
RIGHT 0 Cecil, Rydia, Edward *From this event on, the Hovercraft is available outside Damcyan.
*Damcyan uses its destroyed world map graphics.
*The Antlion has yet to be defeated.
RIGHT 1 Cecil, Rydia, Edward The Antlion has been defeated.
Look down Cecil, Rydia, Edward, Rosa After Rosa joins the party in Kaipo.
OH 0 Cecil, Rydia, Edward, Rosa, Yang *Mom Bomb has been defeated.
*The game will softlock during the battle of Fabul, after the Red Wings start bombing the castle.
OH 1 Cecil, Rydia, Edward, Yang *After the battle of Fabul. Talking to the Elder of Mysidia to warp to the world map will result in Cecil getting stuck in the ocean where the Lunar Whale emerges from the whirlpool appears.
DEAD Cecil *Mt. Ordeals cannot be entered due to the barrier of fire.
*Likely intended to test the initial Mysidia events, but talking to the Elder of Mysidia to access the map sets Mysidia's events to those after Cecil becomes a paladin.
ETC 0 Cecil, Palom, Porom *Palom will unseal Mt. Ordeals.
*Tellah will join at station three.
*Scarmiglione is not present at the summit and the events where Cecil becomes a paladin will not play out.
ETC 1 Cecil, Palom, Porom, Tellah *All Mt. Ordeals events have already taken place.
*The Devil's Road has not been unsealed.
ETC 2 Cecil, Palom, Porom, Tellah, Yang *If Cecil is still a dark knight this option will make him a paladin.
*Baron's armor and weapons shop and the Ancient Waterway have been unlocked.
*Baigan has not been defeated.
ETC 3 Cecil, Cid, Tellah, Yang *The events after defeating Cagnazzo have played out.
*From this event on, the Enterprise is available outside Baron.
*Edward has yet to be spoken to in Troia.
ETC 4 Cecil, Cid, Tellah, Yang *Edward has been spoken to.
*The Dark Elf has not yet been defeated.
ETC 5 Cecil, Cid, Tellah, Yang *Kain will order the player to board the airship upon entering the Epopts' chamber in Troia. He will approach the party wherever the Enterprise is located, but it will always descend from the Tower into the clearing outside Troia.
*After Kain's confrontation, the Lunar Whale's flight panel and crystal are disabled, behavior not seen in a normal game.
ETC 6 Cecil, Cid, Tellah, Yang *The Enterprise will not take the player to the Tower of Zot when boarded, leaving them stranded with no way to advance the game short of going to the moon.
ETC 7 Cecil, Cid, Kain, Rosa, Yang *After Tower of Zot events.
*The crater at Agart has not been opened.
ETC 8 Cecil, Cid, Kain, Rosa, Yang *The Agart crater is open from this event on.
*The Enterprise will be attacked upon entering the underworld.
ETC 9 Cecil, Cid, Kain, Rosa, Yang Cid will leave and the Calcabrina event will play out when entering the Dwarven Castle's throne room.
Title Cecil, Rydia, Kain, Rosa, Yang *The guards blocking access to most sections of the Dwarven Castle are removed.
*The tanks are positioned outside the Tower of Babil.
Cecil, Rydia, Kain, Rosa *Golbez will burn the Tower of Babil's stairs upon entering. For whatever reason, the player must get into a battle before the tower's entrance will work.
*From this event it is possible to have Cid upgrade the airship to fly over magma. Doing so when the underworld Tower of Babil is accessible will allow the player to enter the tower while in the airship.
Start from beginning Cecil, Rydia, Kain, Rosa *Cid's assistants will attach the hook to the Enterprise.
Opening 1 Cecil, Rydia, Kain, Rosa The hook has been attached to the Enterprise.
Cecil and Kain's Departure Cecil, Rydia, Kain, Rosa, Edge None of the Tower of Babil events have taken place.
Earth to Moon Cecil, Rydia, Kain, Rosa, Edge *The Falcon is available outside the Tower of Babil in the underworld, but it cannot fly over magma yet.
*King Giott will order the party to go to the Sealed Cave upon entering the Dwarven Castle's throne room.
Moon to Earth Cecil, Rydia, Kain, Rosa, Edge *King Giott has already ordered the party to go to the Sealed Cave.
*Upon entering the infirmary, the end of the event where Cid attaches the drill to the Falcon will play out. The Falcon will have the drill after this and the player can use it to leave the underworld, but the airships still cannot fly over magma.
Solar System Cecil, Rydia, Rosa, Edge *The Tower of Babil is shielded.
*Cid will attach the drill to the Falcon upon entering the Dwarven Castle's throne room.
Telescope Cecil, Rydia, Rosa, Edge The event where the Lunar Whale emerges from the whirlpool, but using the Elder of Mysidia to warp plays this event automatically.
Mysidian Legend Cecil, Rydia, Rosa, Edge The Lunar Whale has emerged from the whirlpool.
Cedits Cecil, Rydia, Fusoya, Rosa, Edge The Giant of Babil events will start as soon as the player enter the overworld map.
Sight Cecil, Rydia, Kain, Rosa, Edge The Giant of Babil has been defeated.

Elder of Mysidia[]

He will teleport the party to the Tower of Prayers. Cecil is always reset to his initial paladin stats after this. Depending on which event flags are set, either the events when the Lunar Whale emerges or when the Cave of Trials opens will play out. From here, the Lunar Whale can be used to travel anywhere on the overworld, which allows for easy testing of various events when paired with the Dancing Girl's options.


The Shopkeeper will set all characters' equipment to whatever their strongest weapon and shield in the original game was: Glass Mask, Adamant Armor, and Crystal Ring. The weapon choices are usually good, but can be a bit odd. Rydia ends up with a Wind Spear in her left hand, for example. Cecil gets the Ragnarok and Crystal Shield regardless of what his current job is. Characters with magic commands will have those filled with all of that command's appropriate spells, even if they normally couldn't learn them.


Golbez will show the ending sequence, starting with the Mysidian Legend displayed in front of the solar system.


Fusoya will start the Giant of Babil event when talked to.

White Mage[]

The White Mage will show the ending sequence, starting with the Lunar Whale descending into the sea. No music is played until the telescope scene.