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Assigns an enemy a random elemental weakness. Use with the Tools command.


Debilitator is one of Edgar's Tools in Final Fantasy VI. It assigns a random elemental weakness to one opponent. Debilitator has strategic benefits against powerful single targets, but is a niche ability and will most often see limited use.


Debilitator can be purchased for 5000 gil at Figaro Castle in the World of Ruin. It can also be stolen from Right Crane, Armored Weapon, Missile Bay.

Gogo can also use any Tools abilities as long as the tool still exists in the player's inventory and Tools is equipped in Gogo's ability menu.


Debilitator gives an enemy a random elemental weakness. Following this up with Libra can reveal the weakness in question, and the player can target it with magic spells, weapons, or abilities that hit that weakness. Because elemental weakness doubles damage, this effectively allows the player to double all damage dealt against an enemy, but is somewhat unreliable.

Though Debilitator is a strategic ability, its unreliability is a major drawback. Many players may prefer to simply use Chainsaw or Drill to deal damage to a single target rather than try to give them a weakness. Against enemies with an elemental weakness already, using Debilitator is less efficient than simply targeting the existing weakness.