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Deaustie is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. She appeared during the weaver questline.


Once the adventurer joins Sunsilk Tapestries, Deaustie explains the general philosophy of the Sunsilk Tapestry weavers, whose maxims are "beauty is everything" and "truth is in appearances", to paraphrase. Weavers strive to wear their customs so that they can play their roles in life properly. Deaustie directs the adventurer to Chuchumu, who would serve as his first mentor.[1]

Deaustie asks the adventurer to support and help Chuchumu and various tasks. Later when Chuchumu allegedly poisons his stepmother Ouvielle so she can marry the little prince, Deaustie reveals that it was all a theater called "The Girl Who Would be Princess" that had the entire city-state as a stage, and that unsuspecting adventurers believed the story and helped spread the rumors that it promoted the Sunsilk Troupe.[2]




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