Template:FFIV Enemies The Deathmask is an enemy from Final Fantasy IV found in the core of the Lunar Subterrane. It casts Reflect on itself, then the party, and will bounce powerful magic like Holy, Flare, and Bio onto the party. It appears more frequently than other encounters in its floors, and is difficult to escape from (excluding using of Smoke, or Teleport).

A good idea to defeat the Deathmask is to use Jump with Kain, physical attacks with Cecil, and maybe Throw with Edge if the player has Shurikens. Rydia can harness the same trick and reflect spells off the party, and summons will not be reflected. Rosa's healing abilities are limited due to Reflect on the party, preventing her from targeting specific members, or the entire party. Regardless, Rosa can still cast Holy on a reflected party member to deal considerable damage to Deathmask.

In the DS release, the Deathmask still does the above, but also attacks with Laser Barrage, doing upwards of 2,000 damage to the party, enough to kill them in a few attacks. It is vulnerable to Stop, and once afflicted is helpless.


  • The Deathmask also has 37,000 HP, the second highest (first being Zemus's Breath) HP as a random encounter in the entire game. However, in the DS version, the Red Dragon has 50,000 HP, so the Deathmask has the third highest HP.

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