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The Deathclaw is a boss in Final Fantasy XV fought in during the Breath of the Glacian main quest in Chapter 12. It is a large daemon.


An eerie daemon noted for its bulky bone structure. Its name stems from the giant talons on both of its arms. It launches beams of light and utilizes a range of other fierce attacks to take down opponents. Fighting one is said to equivalent to tempting death itself.
Size: 46.42 ft. Weight: 21.43 t



Deathclaw uses physical attacks and magical laser attacks; the rays spin around it, and fly out in straight lines and are impossible to phase through when they return to the Deathclaw. It can draw its claws together to form a single large laser beam. It employs dark-elemental attacks and is weak to shields, machinery and fire. It swipes with its tail if the player stays behind it. Its claw attacks can be blocked.


Noctis hanging from a point-warp spot.

Ardyn's Ensemble, if available, immunizes Noctis against dark and makes him stronger when hit with darkness. Elemancy is potent, and mixing some with Healcast might be useful. Deathclaw's lasers can be avoided by point-warping and by staying behind it; this way, the player can also get blindside-strikes, which may link with Gladiolus, if he is nearby. Unleashing a Technique makes the users invincible during the animation, which can be used for strategic advantage when deathclaw starts some of its tougher attacks.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

A Deathclaw in Final Fantasy XIV.

A Deathclaw appears in a solo instance as part of the A Nocturne for Heroes collaboration. The fight takes place in the East Shroud and the player is accompanied by Noctis.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Deathclaw FFXV.png
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