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Equips "Deathblow" command


Single slot. Deathblow is a Command Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide the ability D.blow. This ability launches a physical attack at a third of its normal accuracy, but a guaranteed critical hit if it lands, meaning it deals double damage. D.blow can also be used with the Master Command Materia.


Deathblow is obtained from the Gongaga forest path. Later, it can be purchased for 10,000 gil from Fort Condor or Rocket Town after the player obtains the Highwind.



Level AP required Effect
1 0 D.blow
2 40000 MASTER


Ability Effect Compatible Support Materia
D.blow Physical attack (1/3 accuracy of normal attack) on one enemy, and if it connects it will be a critical hit. If All, use ability on all enemies with hit-chance calculated per-target. Always long range. Added Cut, Counter, Final Attack, HP Absorb, MP Absorb, Sneak Attack, Steal as well


Aeris and Cid using Deathblow.

The Deathblow Materia provides the D.blow command, which has its own slot in the command list and does not replace the Attack command.

D.blow deals a critical hit with a third of the accuracy of a normal attack. The attack ignores row. As it is a guaranteed critical attack, it will do twice the damage of a normal attack. The attack can be paired with many Support Materia to take advantage of effects such as HP Absorb, MP Absorb, and Sneak Attack. It can also be used with Added Cut to still get in a hit even if D.blow misses, making it a serviceable substitute for Double Cut.

Deathblow provides +1 to Luck, which can benefit any character. The best characters to use D.blow are Tifa with God's Hand and Vincent with Sniper CR or Long Barrel R, as these weapons have the max accuracy, allowing them to land a Deathblow almost every time. Tifa can also be placed in the back row in this set-up, as Deathblow ignores row. Aside from perfect accuracy weapons, characters with a high Strength stat—such as Cloud, Barret, and Cid—are effective users of the Materia. Tifa's Strength stat also means she can effectively use the Materia with other weapons aside from God's Hand. The attack also always connects if the enemy is sleeping/stopped/paralyzed.

When compared with 2x-Cut, D.blow is less reliable and does the same amount of damage, meaning that 2x-Cut is normally a better choice.