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Sure, it seems pretty harmless as it floats through the air. But the second it spots anything suspicious, it's "Death! Death! Death!" And while it may look drowsy, that droopy eyelid isn't due to a lack of sleep. This menace is always alert and ready to finish you in a blink.

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Death Searcher is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy.


Base Stats Edit

Encounter Stats Edit

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Location Formation
Castle Exnine - Ordeal 4 Death Searcher, Magitek Armor A x3
Castle Exnine - Ordeal 4 Death Searcher x2, Kuza Beast
Castle Exnine - Ordeal 4 Mythril Giant Stack (Death Searcher, Mythril Giant) x2
Castle Exnine - Ordeal 5 Magitek Armor A Stack (Death Searcher, Magitek Armor A), Magitek Armor A, Mythril Giant
Castle Exnine - Ordeal 6 Death Searcher, Kuza Beast Stack (Death Searcher, Kuza Beast)
Castle Exnine - Ordeal 6 Death Searcher x2, Korrigan x2
EX Dungeon C - Area 3 Magitek Armor A x2, Magitek Armor A Stack (Entom Guard, Magitek Armor A), Death Searcher

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