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The Death Rider, also known as the DthRider or DoomNite, is an enemy from Final Fantasy II found in Pandaemonium and the strongest type of the Royal Guard enemy family. Its attacks are among the strongest of non-boss enemies in the game and also has fearsome Speed. The Death Rider is usually found on the fifth and sixth floor in Pandaemonium with either a Mythril Golem, which also inflicts massive damage to players and may kill characters who were already attacked by the Death Rider, or in groups of four alongside the Coeurl, which is a flag of complete annihilation for the unprepared. Using their weakness to Fire against them works better if you attack one at a time.


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When a party member is attacked, Death Rider drains their HP. It is best to use Fire against the Death Rider.

Death Riders drop valuable items such as the Thunder Lance and the Ribbon, which makes exploring the Pandemonium easier.

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