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KO's the target.


Death, also known as Doom,[note 1] is an Attack spell in Final Fantasy VI. It attempts to inflict instant death, killing a target not immune to the effect. Though instant and powerful, stronger enemies are often immune to the effect, and it has a low hit rate. Death can be earned by party members through magicite.

Death is also an enemy ability used by Level 50 Magic, Magic Master, Death Rider, Death Machine, Necromancer, Death Warden, and Behemoth King (Undead).

Death is an added ability to the Soul Sabre and Death Tarot weapons.


Death is learned from the Catoblepas magicite at a rate of x2.


Death will attempt to inflict instant death on a target, killing them in one hit. Its low hit rate and high MP cost make it risky to use as opposed to simply killing enemies with damaging spells, but against enemies vulnerable, it can help end fights more quickly. If Death is used on an undead target, it will fully heal them.

Death has effectively the same purpose as Break, which has a higher MP cost and lower hit rate, but some enemies have immunity to petrify and not death. It also has the same purpose as Banish, which has a yet higher MP cost and lower hit rate, but ignores death immunity (but many enemies also have Banish immunity) and works on undead.

The best use of Death is in the SNES release, in which it is named Doom,[1] with the Vanish-Doom bug exploit. In this, the player can cast Vanish on a boss, making them vulnerable to Doom, allowing bosses to be killed in only two spells.

Although Death is an Attack spell, it is unaffected by the Magic stat of the caster. As such, it can be taught to any party member and will have the same impact. Because the player will not use Death frequently, it is a luxury spell on all party members, who should prioritize learning other spells first.

Death is better used by the Soul Sabre or Death Tarot, which do not waste MP when the spell does not connect.




  1. In the Advance translation of Final Fantasy VI onward, Doom is the name of the Lore spell and status that kills a character over time. In earlier versions, this was named "Condemned" while Death was named "Doom".[1][2]