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De Nam is a Selkie from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. He attempts to find out why Miasma is poisonous to people and not monsters.


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De Nam is first encountered in Shella, where he is researching compact crystals, crystals not contained in a chalice. For a few in-game years afterward, he will send the caravan various letters about his study and travels, provided the caravan replies to them. In his letters, he explains that he believes the reason people are not immune to miasma and monsters are because they are trying to get rid of the disease whilst monsters live in it.

He begins to drink water with miasma in it to see if he can adapt to the miasma and later explains that drinking the water is bringing him pain.

Depending on whether the player was responding positively or negatively to his letters, his final letter will have one of two messages:

  • Positive Responses:
Yes. Co e ov r here.
Yo w ll f nd me a C nal Cura h.
Hu ry. I m wai ing f r ou.
When the missing letters are filled in, it reads as:
Yes. Come over here.
You will find me at Conall Curach.
Hurry. I am waiting for you.
  • Negative Responses:
Y-you can spend the rest of your lives in that little cage of yours, but if you ever feel like c-coming out here, you're always w-welcome".

If the player goes to Conall Curach, one of the monsters will drop a "Worn Bandanna", indicating that De Nam was either eaten, or turned into a monster by the miasma.

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