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This philandering bearer of the red mage's gets more BP when suffering damage. He beasts a wide variety of moves, such as Captivating Cologne, which charms his foes.


DeRosa is a boss in Bravely Default.

Stats Edit

First Battle

Second Battle

Third Battle

Fourth Battle

Fifth Battle

Sixth Battle

Battle Edit

DeRosa can use Captivating Cologne, which, despite the initial purposes, also works on Tiz and Ringabel. His Revenge ability grants him 25% chance to gain 1 BP when receiving damage.

Strategy Edit

If the party has Summoner's Abate Lightning, they can reduce DeRosa's Thundara damage as he often casts it. Edea will start the battle with Charmed status, so the weakest party member should attack her or use Esuna to heal her. The player should be mindful when chaining many attacks together as one can quickly max out DeRosa's BP, leaving one vulnerable to a string of physical and lightning-based attacks.

If the party obtained the Light Curtain from the Land Turtle before, they should use it on DeRosa so that when he casts Cura on himself, a party member will be healed instead. While the Light Curtain won't last many turns, DeRosa will nevertheless not be able to heal as much HP as he normally could have, making him easier to defeat.

The party should use all items and skills available that reduce damage to lightning. The Spell Fencer's Magic Armor support ability reduces damage on characters when Thunder or Thundara are cast on their weapons using Sword Magic. Additionally, the Spell Fencer's Anti-Magic specialty will further reduce magic attacks after the Spell Fencer has been hit by a spell. The Thunder Charm accessory is also another good option to reduce damage from DeRosa's Thundara attacks.

It is also helpful to have a character other than the healer be a Time Mage or have Time Magic as a sub-command. Since DeRosa's BP can add up quickly, casting Haste on the healer will expedite their turns, allowing players to heal to full health before DeRosa attacks. It is not recommended having the healer also be the one casting Haste as this eats up an additional turn which could be used to heal characters or to cast support abilities such as Protect and Shell on characters to further reduce damage.

Quotes Edit

Chapter 8 Edit

Artemia: Sister, raise battle call!
Einheria: Me? But...!
DeRosa: ...Be my guest. But make it sound impressive.
Einheria: Oh, um... Eternian Forces, Third Division... Bloodrose Legion...! To battle!
At the start of the battle
DeRosa: Heh heh... I can go all night. I've got a reputation to keep.
After receiving some damage
Einheria: Aaaaaah!
DeRosa: Fall back, beautiful. Don't be stubborn now.
Should Einheria be defeated before DeRosa
DeRosa: Old Red needs a break. Anyone care to join me?
Should DeRosa be defeated last
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